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Sep 26, 2019
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That's not how a fighter jet cost is deduced.

The total cost for India included Meteor package Scalp Hammer etc etc and two maintenance /service centre that can provide for 80+ jets. There was also a clause to maintain 75%+ availability and providing repair service for next 5 years. Training for 10 pilots and 50% offset clause etc etc.

So we will need to know detailed F-16 deal with cost allocation for all these things. But overall I think you should have gone for the second hand jets and USA got a lot of those.

This comparison of IAF Rafale versus Philippine F-16 purchases are very rough estimates purely on program costs, the details of which are totally known.

The Swiss on the other hand compared the F-35 against Rafale based on concrete figures. And unless you want to claim that the F-16 is more expensive than the F-35, should be a good reference on real F-16 cost vis-a-vis Rafale.

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