Experts propose windowless jets


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Feb 16, 2009
PARIS: Tourists heading south for the winter may be transported to their dream destination in windowless airliners flying in formation like geese

if Airbus accepts the advice of tomorrow's potential aircraft engineers.

The European planemaker is offering $40,000 for the best idea drawn from proposals submitted by 2,350 students in 82 countries after launching a global competition for new concepts. Airbus said on Thursday it had narrowed down the entries to five - not all of which may at first glance appeal to the travelling public, but which a spokeswoman said could lead to useful ways of thinking about aircraft design and engineering.

The proposals include a suggestion from a Spanish university for a windowless cabin. Despite the impact on passengers who prefer a window seat, the designers have found that an aircraft constructed this way would be more eco-efficient, Airbus said.

Among the other finalists, an Australian team from the University of Queensland has suggested building some of the materials used in the cabin out of castor plant natural fibers.

A Czech proposal would use electric motors to taxi the airplane - overcoming burning of jet fuel that the industry says costs billions of dollars and harms the environment - and Singapore students want to tap solar power for electricity.

Perhaps the most revolutionary concept is a US proposal by students from Stanford University to adapt the "V" formation used by geese and other migrating birds to fly long distances. By slipstreaming behind the bird in front, the birds can save energy to fly further and take it in turns to lead.

The Stanford proposal calls for an "inverted V formation, building on the model of migrating birds to reduce energy consumption," Airbus said in a review of the final shortlist.

Passenger planes are separated by minimum distances depending on their size to reduce the risk of collision and prevent turbulence from the wingtips of those directly in front.

Flight of fantasy: Experts propose windowless jets - Science - Health & Science - The Times of India


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Mar 7, 2009
Windowless ???

Does that mean the planes will run on DOS, Mac or Linux instead of Windows ??? :D:D:D:D:D


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Apr 20, 2009
We will basically be transported around like Cargo.

What's the fun in flying if you can't gaz out and see the clouds? The vast expanse of oceans and landscapes under you?

The windows provide a sense of space. I dunno how the claustrophobic will deal with this.

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