EMP bomb powers future warfare


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Mar 22, 2009
With permission from my friend Sayareakd , I am posting this article on EMP from The Statesman, the link is provided to me by my friend Sayareakd.


Powering future warfare

Sri Krishna
NEW DELHI, April 25: The ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) bomb which has multiplied the destructive potential of electromagnetic energy would dominate future warfare, according to a scientist.
In a paper on ‘Emerging Trends in Airborne Defence Technologies’, Mr Sreenath Bhat has said the EMP bomb generates a broad band, high intensity, low duration burst of magnetic energy which disrupts or damages any electronic equipment miles away from the locus of explosion.
A nation having superiority over the electromagnetic spectrum will be the most powerful in the future warfare scenario, he has stated.
In a paper published in DRDO Science Spectrum 2009, Mr Bhat said the high intensity EMP can be generated using a low scale nuclear explosion at high altitudes. Although the electric field created from a EMP lasts for only a short time, its effects can be devastating. It is predicted that a single high altitude burst 200 miles above the USA could propagate an EMP enveloping the entire US.
“Electrical systems connected to things that can conduct current like wires, antennas and metal objects will suffer significant damage. EMP effects on electronics include interference of radio frequency links, irreparable damage to microcircuits and even the disabling of satellites. Thus, the EMP bomb could be the super weapon of the future which could paralyse the enemy in a matter of a few seconds. Pentagon has predicted the use of EMP bombs by 2012,’’ the paper said.
It went on to say that scientists are working on the creation of EMP bombs that can target artillery shells and missiles and disrupt their trajectory in mid-flight. They could be of crucial assistance in today’s urban warfare where one bomb could take out the enemy’s electrical infrastructure before the arrival of ground troops. Thus in the blink of an eye, the EMP bomb can throw civilization back by 200 years.


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Mar 30, 2009
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Guess what the other nuclear nation will do when they have a "low scale nuclear bomb" exploding above their skies. Ya thats right, so its another weapon that no one can use against a nuclear nation.

So now let me see, you can use this bomb against a nation with no nuclear weapons, and destroy their infrastructure without causing any deaths and still attract all the criticism and sanctions from the world, wonderful.

Might be better to loose the 'nuclear' in it.

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