Embraer ready to produce E-190s in China


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Jul 15, 2009
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Embraer ready to produce E-190s in China

WAPA) - The Brazilian manufacturer Embraer might produce its 120-seat E-190 aircraft in China to be ready to take advantage, as soon as possible, of the economic recovery of the country. The news has been issued by the newspaper "O Estado de S. Paulo", adding that the company would also have plans to stop building the 50-seat ERJ-145 aircraft in China.

The terms of the agreement with AVIC (China Aviation Industry Corporation) are currently being discussed. The Chinese company has recently announced that it wants to place on the market a mid-size regional aircraft that would compete with Embraer-built airplanes.

The operation might be easier due to the fact that the Brazilian company already has a facility in China, together with AVIC, in the city of Harbin, where ERJ-145 is produced. But these smaller aircraft are becoming less interesting for the airlines of the Asian country, "O Estado de S. Paulo" explained, which are mainly state run.


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