Embraer delivers Phenom 100 Jet to Pakistan Air Force


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Feb 16, 2009
Embraer delivered the first Phenom 100 jet, on 24th march 2009, at its Headquarters, in São José dos Campos, Brazil, to Pakistan’s Air Force. The near bankrupt Pakistan government has acquired four of this aircraft model, which will be used to transport government officials of that country.

This is the first Embraer aircraft delivered to a customer in Pakistan, and it is also the first Phenom 100 to be operated by a government. Pakistan’s aging Air Force chose this model after carrying out a detailed analysis of such aspects as performance, comfort, technology,acquisition price, and operating costs, among others.

The Phenom 100 jet can accommodate up to eight occupants. Its range of 1,178 nautical miles (2,182 km), including NBAA IFR fuel reserves, means the aircraft is capable of flying nonstop from Islamabad (Pakistan) to Karachi (Pakistan) or Katmandu (Nepal), from New York to Miami, in the U.S., or from London to Rome, in Europe. The jet was certified in December 2008, and proved to be the fastest and to have the largest baggage capacity in its category. The Phenom 100 has the latest in cockpit design and a private aft lavatory as one of its most competitive features.

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