Egypt Poll Shows Negative Views Of U.S., Obama


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Jan 4, 2011

While many American leaders see a "moment of promise" in the popular uprising in Egypt, one concern is the potential rise of a regime that is more hostile to the United States. While no one can predict where the Egyptian crisis will lead, public-opinion surveys are a logical place to turn for a sense of how Egyptians view the United States. But mind the methodology: While two widely-reported surveys yield very different results, the one that covers virtually all of the population shows that Egyptians hold distinctly negative views of the United States and its president.

To get a handle on this issue, for example, Nate Silver checked the annual survey of 28 countries conducted by the BBC World Service and found a "dramatic" improvement among Egyptians in positive views of the United States, from 11 percent in 2007 to 45 percent in 2010. Barring some undisclosed change in their methodology, Silver concludes, "there is no particular reason to doubt that there has been a significant shift in opinion" in Egyptian views of the United States.

But Silver may have overlooked a footnote in the report he linked to explaining that the BBC sampled only urban areas of Egypt -- specifically Alexandria, Cairo, Giza and Shoubra al-Khaima -- that represent only 22 percent of the total national adult population.

More importantly, a more comprehensive survey of Egypt last year produced a very different result. The Global Attitudes Project conducted by the Pew Research Center conducts an annual, in-person survey that samples all but 2 percent of the population (it excluded smaller "Frontier governorates for security reasons"). That survey finds a very different pattern: The favorability rating of the United States among Egyptians has fallen sharply, from 30 percent in 2006 to 17 percent last last year. More than four out of five Egyptians (82 percent) now rate the U.S. negatively, including nearly half (48 percent) who give the United States a "very unfavorable" rating.


does not make difference -1 billion dollars a year buys a lot of loyalty from political leaders past, present and future and keeps the peace in that region.


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Oct 2, 2009
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