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Jul 21, 2010
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The much awaited hindi remake of the superhit Marathi movie 'Sairat' is here , and even though it is not as great as the original it still manages to give a decent performance . Of course , it does not have the authenticity of 'Sairat' . 'Sairat' was situated in the rural countryside and gave an authentic rural flavour to the happenings . This movie is situated in the more urban territory of the city of Udaipur in the north Indian state of Rajasthan and does not have the different rural feel of 'Sairat' ; that is , different for us city folks at least .

There are two things in which the movie scores over 'Sairat' .

Though it is about caste differences , it mentions the girl's family as only upper caste and the boy's family as lower caste and does not mark any particular caste for vilification . 'Sairat' on the other hand unnecessarily vilified the Maratha caste of Maharashtra . Also 'Sairat' was clearly a political movie which showed the dalit boy being helped by his muslim friend , thus asking for a dalit-muslim political alliance . This movie on the other hand is not a political movie and is more about romance daring to defy caste barriers but without bringing too much caste politics into it .

The other thing in which this movie scores over 'Sairat' is in the climax scene , which is shocking even to a person who expects it having seen the Marathi movie before and even more gruesome than 'Sairat' even though it is roughly similar .

Ishan Khattar as the hero and Janhvi Kapoor as heroine are not as good as the original cast of the Marathi movie---Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru . But that is because of comparing with the best . Without comparison with anyone , their performance is okay .
The sidekick of the hero who is shown to be a midget does not pack a comedy punch equal to the sidekick of the hero from the original movie . Ashutosh Rana plays main villain as father of the heroine and has an imposing presence .

Though basically the same story as the Marathi original , this movie gives more scope for showing the difficulties that couples who elope have to face alone without the support of parents in a strange city . But the iconic scene of the hero jumping into the well that the girls are bathing in has not been created with the same flourish as in the original movie .

Music is roughly same as the original movie and photography is okay but not as great as the Marathi movie .

Verdict---Decent .

Three stars out of five .

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