Deadly danger of advanced Turkish drones on IAF

Nazaria e Bakistan

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Apr 20, 2023
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Cross posting from Strategic Front forum (and delinking discussion from Turkish Aviation news thread)...

I am not sure about rest of Turkish aerospace industry but Bayraktar is indeed among the most innovative company in aerospace. I was wrong about Turkey and Bayraktar, they are indeed a real deal and a mortal danger to India.

I am really really really scared of Kizillelma drone. It can do with airwarfare the same thing TB2 did with tank warfare. It can perhaps make a manned airforce extinct atleast for 4th gen and older aircrafts.

It is :

1. Cheap! No expensive or exotic powerplant! They bypassed the whole engine development headache by licensing engine from ukraine. These engine first flew in 60s. So no new tech. The manufacturing is in Instambul, so no disruption. This engine, AI-55 or something is really cheap.

2. Medium sized platform. The platform is medium sized and not small like loyal wingman program or HAL CATS. This means it has more capacity to carry weapons like long range air to air missiles. HAL CATS warrior is SMALL and actually does not compares with it. Its role is different.

3. Carrier enabled with no catapult required. Can be deployed very very VERY fast from a flat top.

4. Stealth. Stealth config with internal bays plus medium size = harder to detect and yet harder to intercept. Not to mention, since its pilot less, it can do manuvers which exceed human endurance for accelaration limit.15g manoeuvres to evade a SAM? bring it on!

5. Will be massively mass produced. Economy of scales.

6. Ditchable. More risky missions can be taken. More rewards.

Think about it, this thing will cost PAF 5-10 million dollars a piece + weapons cost. 1 billion dollar will buy 100 of these babies. 10 billion dollar, 1000. 10 billion dollars are enough to buy enough of these that entire airforces can be completely destroyed. A 400 strong "swarm" of the drones will make your airspace totally blocked. No aircraft and take off or land.

I will not be surprised if an aircraft carrier can deploy 100s of these.

It also removes the most irreplaceable part of the airforce : pilots. Any major power is limited in airforce by pilots. This thing ... can remove that limit.

If PAF gets 200-300 of these, its bye bye IAF. Each will carry two 100+ KM range BVR. Your planes will not be able to detect them at a longer range because of stealth and small sized. It can fire its weapon much nearer to you. PAF will push its advantage by taking riskier missions. A volley of IR + BVR missile from a distance of 60 KM is enough to take out ANY fighter in IAF. Nothing can beat such a combo. Whats more, if later they put a jammer in it, it will be able to approach as close as 30-40 KM before firing its dead missiles.

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