Dassault contracts with Switzlerand for Rafale fuel tanks


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Dec 17, 2009
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Dassault contract with Ruag for gust

RUAG Holding and Dassault Aviation Thursday signed the first order within the framework of a new supply contract.

The company Swiss National Military Equipment (is not neutral means !) Take place in fuel tank The Rafale.

Better yet, beyond now be the exclusive provider of new combat aircraft from Dassault in this area, Ruag will also have this "privilege" for aviation and the French navy as well as appropriate for the military aviation Swiss and other export customers.

A concession to France to seek first reference to foreign for the new device firm Dassault? Time will tell ....

In any event, the Swiss group said in a statement that "quality and professionalism of teams Ruag prompted Dassault Aviation to sign the one hand, a new order for tanks of 2000 L and the other transfer in Switzerland, all industrialization and the production of supersonic tanks of 1250 L for the Rafale program"

In any event, note that mass production will begin in 2011, deliveries are planned until 2014. The order volume amounts to 2.5 million Swiss francs per year. On the basis of orders additional options, the entire control potential is estimated at 20 million Swiss francs.

Note that this contract is a continuation of the strategic framework agreement signed by both companies during the fair EBACE09. It includes, the Rafale, elements such as the range of Falcon business jets, training aircraft Alphajet, drones and curriculum and development on future products of Dassault Aviation.

Recall also that in March, while the French Minister of Defense Herve Morin and his Swiss counterpart Samuel Schmid had referred to Aarberg (Canton Berne) on file the acquisition by Swiss Army for a new device,the Federal Council announced in response that the issue would be decided until December 2009. The amount of the transaction could reach two billion Swiss francs.

"In phase advance on the choice of new fighter aircraft"In the words of Ruag"This contract demonstrates the firm commitment of Dassault Aviation and its partners Rafale International, Thales and Snecma, to Swiss industry, research centers and universities"The communique said today.

Sources: AWP, ats, AFP, RUAG


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