Damage as on 27-12-2017 due to Cyclone Ockhi


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Nov 19, 2017
Ministry of Earth Science
03 -January, 2018 06:18IST

Cyclone Forecast

Damage as on 27-12-2017 due to cyclone Ockhi is as below. The cyclone OCKHI had rapid intensification during its genesis stage. The system emerged into the Comorin Area during night of 29th and intensified into Deep Depression in the early hrs of 30th and into Cyclonic Storm in the forenoon of 30th Nov. 2017.

S. No-Items-Tamil Nadu-Kerala-Lakshadweep

1. No. of districts affected-01 (Kanya Kumari)-10-10 Inhabited Island

2. No. of village effected-Entire District- - -

3 Population affected - Entire District - 33,012

4. Human lives lost (district wise) - Total – 24 (kanyaKumari-22, Nagapattinam-1, Thoothukudi-1) -75-Nil

5 No. of missing - 237 -208* -nil

6 . No. of Injured - 28 -234 -Nil

7 . Houses damaged . Hut damaged-7098 (fully-1108, Partly-5990)-Fully-221, Partially-3379-Fully damaged 87-
Partially Damaged-935

8 . Animal deaths - 7654 - - - 1691

9Total crop area affected (in hectares) -5135 hectares - 7817.43 hectares - -

10 . Infrastructure eDamage

  • EB Poles 15,858 (LT Pole – 10623+HT Pole – 5235)
  • Transformers-95
  • Tree Fallen-25,526
  • 38 Breaches in Tanks and 31 Breaches in channels/canals
  • 103 Government building got damaged. Damaged to 75.046 Km State Highways, 98.93 Km National Highways, 417.18 Km Rural/Urban Roads has also reported.
  • Boats Fully damaged/lost-384
  • Loss of Road-41 Km
  • Damage Pumps-180
  • Damage of Supply Tanks-430
  • Boats-Fully damaged/lost 12 Boats Partially damaged-25
  • Houses Fully damaged-87 Partially damaged-935
  • Coconut trees-32747
  • Other trees-5514
  • Government building-340

Regular warnings were issued for fishermen along and off Tamilnadu, Kerala, Lakshdweep Islands, Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka & Gujarat, Dadra Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu coasts. Three hourly Tropical Cyclone Advisories were issued to central & state level disaster managers, media, general public from 29th November forenoon onwards.

  • The first information regarding formation of depression over Bay Of Bengal (BOB) during next 48-72 hours (i.e. 30th onwards) was issued on 28th November in the Tropical Weather Outlook issued at 1200 hrs IST and depression formed over southeast BOB in the morning of 28th.
  • In its first bulletin based on 0830 IST of 29th November 2017, Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre New Delhi indicated the west-northwestward movement of system and its emergence into Comorin area by 30th. It was also mentioned that the system would intensify further.
  • Cyclone Warning for Lakshadweep, south Kerala and south Tamil Nadu was given in the bulletin issued at 1155 hrs IST of 30th Nov.
  • First warning of storm surge of height about 1.0 m above astronomical tides likely to inundate low lying areas of Lakshadweep Islands and 0.5 m above astronomical tides likely to inundate low lying areas of south Kerala, south Karnataka coasts was issued on 1700 hrs IST of 30th.

The common advisory bulletin was issued by IMD to all state Governments (Tamil Nadu, Kerala and UT of Lakshadweep) for taking appropriate precautionary actions based on the likely adverse conditions both over the land and adjoining Sea areas as mentioned in all the bulletins of IMD commencing from Bulletin No. 1 issued in the forenoon of 29th Nov. 2017. Same contents of the bulletin were also resent by NDMA through WhatsApp group to relevant state Govt. authorities periodically starting from 29th Nov.

  • First bulletin was issued at 1155 IST of 29th Nov to Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Lakshadweep Islands,
  • Total number of 54 bulletins was issued by IMD to disaster management agencies.
  • All the above bulletins were sent to disaster management authorities through e-mail and fax. Also SMSs were sent at least once a day.
  • In addition, IMD officers at Meteorological Centre, Thiruvananthapuram and Chennai regularly interacted with the state Govt officials since 29th afternoon through phone and personal meetings.
  • It is to mention that all above communications are directed jointly by IMD and NDMA to Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Lakshadweep to consider taking all necessary response actions at their respective ends.
IMD has one of the best forecasting mechanisms for predicting tropical cyclones using high resolution advanced mathematical models and a suite of quality observations from Satellites and Radars. IMD also has rich experience of more than 100 years in tropical cyclone prediction and has many trained and experienced scientists specialized in forecasting. In the recent past, IMD accurately predicted cyclones like Phailin, HudHud and Vardah and helped to save thousands of lives.

The improvement in the monitoring and forecasting of such tropical cyclones is a continuous process.

This information was given by Minister of State for Ministry of Science & Technology and Ministry of Earth Sciences Shri Y.S.Chowdary in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.



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Nov 19, 2017
Kozhikode, January 08, 2018 09:03 IST
Updated: January 08, 2018 09:06 IST

The bodies of four more suspected Cyclone Ockhi victims, which were kept at the Kozhikode Government Medical College mortuary after post-mortem, have been identified through the DNA test conducted at the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Thiruvananthapuram.

The test result, which was released on Saturday, identified the Tamil Nadu victims as Josebeth, 48, Sanjikannu, 46, Xavier, 48, and Silvester, 46.

With this, 14 out of the 21 bodies kept at the Medical College have been identified.

The district administration has come up with various supportive measures to quickly release the identified bodies to the victims’ families for conducting the funeral at their home towns. Body of Josebth was released on Saturday to his family members.

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