Current scenario of Indo-Pak relations

Mayank Aggarwal

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Mar 13, 2016
You need to atleast try to build a friendly relationship. Because neither of the two countries are going to benefit from the hatred and enmity. This has caused great economic and civilian losses to both the countries and this is not a desirable situation for the world.

Both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers with India supported by Russia and Pakistan supported by China. A war between these countries can easily result in a nuclear war and can culminate in World War III. I think Mr. Narendra Modi's foreign policy for Pakistan is a good one. He is giving Pakistan enough chances to realise its folly and fight terrorism because India and Pakistan together can give China a run for its money and end the Chinese dominance in South East Asia.

Coming to the worst case scenario, Pakistan continues supporting terrorism in India from its soil thereby, ignoring every friendly move by India. India has no other option other than take matter into its own hands and declare war on Pakistan. In that case, Pakistan will definitely be backed by China and India will definitely be helped by Russia, Israel and Afghanistan.

This was my view of the India Pakistan relations. What are your opinions?
Also, in case of a war between India and Pakistan, who will be the possible allies of both India and Pakistan?

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