Chinese team test jet engine ‘able to reach anywhere on Earth within 2 hours’


Tihar Jail
Feb 12, 2011
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Chinese team test jet engine ‘able to reach anywhere on Earth within 2 hours’
Prototype flown in hypersonic wind tunnel simulating flight conditions at nine times the speed of sound

  • The ‘sodramjet’ engine could offer the biggest hope so far of commercial flight reaching hypersonic speed, the scientists say
Published: 6:00am, 1 Dec, 2020


The engine was tested in a wind tunnel in Beijing. Photo: Handout

CHINESE scientists have successfully tested a hypersonic jet engine that could fly a missile at 12,000mph.

The engine would in theory permit travel to any part of the world in less than two hours if it was scaled up and installed on an aircraft or missile.

The test flight of the prototype took place in a hypersonic wind tunnel in Beijing simulating flight conditions of up to nine times the speed of sound.

However, in theory, the engine could reach up to Mach 16 allowing it to fly around the globe's 24,000-mile circumference in two hours.

As yet there are no planes that are capable of attaining that speed.

It comes just days after the US Air Force mounted an advanced stealth cruise missile on the B-1B Lancer for the first time, as the US, Russia and China race to master hypersonic weaponry for warfare.

After a year of deteriorating relations between the US and China, The United States-Chinese Economic and Security Review Commission warned that China's military could be ready to fight extended foreign wars in the next 15 years.

The Russian military successfully tested an "unstoppable" hypersonic nuclear missile that flies through the air at more than 6,000mph in October.

It "successfully" hit a dummy target 280 miles away, taking just four minutes to get there.

The hypersonic engine could be used to power planes taking off from traditional runways, before flying into orbit, then landing at an airport after re-entering the atmosphere.

The team of researchers were led by Jiang Zonglin, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Mechanics.

The team built the engine from scratch, but despite the modernity of the engine it has a relatively simple design, the South China Morning Post reports.

There is three main components without any moving parts: a single-stage air inlet, a hydrogen fuel injector and a combustion chamber.

The chambers mouth opens to the upper end of the air inlet – which generates shock waves with extremely high temperature and pressure when the high-speed wind hits.

The shock waves met hydrogen fuel at the combustor, producing an explosion that propelled the engine forward.
Video footage provided by the research team shows the mouth of the combustion chamber begin to glow white-hot.

The test flight suggested an unprecedented performance in terms of thrust, fuel efficiency and operational stability.

However, the only wind tunnel on Earth capable of simulating those conditions remains under construction in Beijing.

The researchers said: “Seventy years’ exploration in hypersonic propulsion indicate the revolutionary concept is really in need for hypersonic air-breathing engine development.

“The sodramjet… can be a very promising choice.”

Jiang’s team were able to reach the speed by taking a different approach to other forms of hypersonic jets, known as scramjets.

They are different to traditional turbojet engines, as they use their rapid speed to compress the air in front of them, which then combusts the fuel creating the propulsion.

But the scramjets, still in the testing phase, cannot exceed Mach 7 due to a major flaw.

They rely on compressing air in front of the engine, causing inevitable shockwaves (sonic booms) which put the flames out and force the engine to cut out.

Despite the success of the hypersonic engine for travel, they could also be used for deadly military ammunition, amid mounting nuclear tensions.

The Chinese government is keen to adopt the hypersonic programme for its applications as a weapon.

The country has the second-largest official military budget in the world, $178 billion, behind the US' mammoth $721.5 billion.

The findings have been published in the Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, but an unnamed expert not involved in the study told SCMP the publications are vetted heavily to ensure no information on China’s latest technology is leaked.

The experiment was probably conducted “a while ago” according to a Shanghai-based researcher studying hypersonic aerodynamics.

Dr Uzi Rubin, founder and first director of the Israel Missile Defence Organisation and hypersonic missile expert, believes the new design is still “very experimental” and its advantages remain uncertain.

He said: “Even if promising… it will take about a generation for it to be used commercially.

“I believe that hypersonic human flight is not imminent, if at all.”



Tihar Jail
Feb 12, 2011
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China Tests Hypersonic Jet Engine That Can Go 16 Times the Speed of Sound
It would be able to reach anywhere on Earth in just two hours.
December 02, 2020

Scientists in China claim to have built a hypersonic jet engine—called "sodramjet"—that can fly at 16 times the speed of sound. This means that an aircraft kitted out with such engines could fly anywhere in the world in two hours, according to the scientists.

The test flight of a prototype was carried out in a wind tunnel in Beijing, China, and displayed excellent thrust, fuel efficiency, and operational stability.

Led by Professor Zonglin Jiang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Mechanics, the team's findings were published in Chinese Journal of Aeronautics on Saturday.

This type of engine could be used in "reusable trans-atmospheric planes [that will] take off horizontally from an airport runway, accelerate into orbit around the Earth, then re-enter into the atmosphere, and finally land at an airport," the researchers say.

Standing oblique detonation ramjet engine, or "sodramjet," the engine was tested at speeds of up to nine times the speed of sound in a powerful wind tunnel.

Theoretically speaking, the engine could accelerate an aircraft up to 16 times the speed of sound, but this is yet to be tested. The only wind tunnel able to test this out is currently being built in China, according to Jiang.

The team is confident its sodramjet could be one of the first to move commercial flights to hypersonic speeds.

This isn't the first time scientists create such an engine. The U.S. already created the "scramjet," which was predicted to perform better than regular jet engines at hypersonic speeds. However, the scramjet design suffered setbacks.

It has to be noted, that this "new" Chinese sodramjet test may have actually taken place "a while ago," cautions a hypersonic aerodynamics researcher who spoke with the South China Morning Post.

China keeps its hypersonic program under wraps due to potential military uses, and peer-reviewed academic papers are "vetted carefully," he said.

Keeping that in mind is important; however, it is also true that "the dream for human beings to fly faster, higher and further than ever," is getting closer and closer in reach, as per the scientists.



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May 30, 2009

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Here are some things Chinese propagandists are trying to distract our attention away from:
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Until international corporations move all manufacturing out of China, the atrocities in such concentration camps will continue. International corporations are complicit in all of this because they look the other way for cheap labor even as the Uyghurs, Tibetans and other minorities are forced to work as slaves.

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Li-Meng Yan, A Chinese virologist (MD, PhD) who worked in a WHO reference lab and fled her position at the University of Hong Kong, has published a second co-authored report, alleging that SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, was not only created in a Wuhan lab, it’s an “unrestricted bioweapon” which was intentionally released.

“We used biological evidence and in-depth analyses to show that SARS-CoV-2 must be a laboratory product, which was created by using a template virus (ZC45/ZXC21) owned by military research laboratories under the control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government,” reads the paper.

SARS-CoV2 is a product of laboratory modification, which can be created in approximately six months using a template virus owned by a laboratory of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The fact that data fabrications were used to cover up the true origin of SARS-CoV 2 further implicates that the laboratory modification here is beyond simple gain-of-function research.
The scale and the coordinated nature of this scientific fraud signifies the degree of corruption in the fields of academic research and public health.
As a result of such corruption, damages have been made both tot he reputation of the scientific community and to the well-being of the global community.

The report also claims that the RaTG13 virus which Wuhan “Batwoman” Dr. Zhengli Shi and colleagues say they obtained in bat feces in 2013 (and which is 96% identical to SARS-CoV-2), is fraudulent and also man made.

Since its publication, the RaTG13 virus has served as the founding evidence for the theory that SARS-CoV-2 must have a natural origin. However, no live virus or an intact genome of RaTG13 have ever been isolated or recovered. Therefore, the only proof for the “existence” of RaTG13 in nature is its genomic sequence published on GenBank.

The report goes on to say that the RaTG13 genome could easily be fabricated, and that “an entry on GenBank, which in this case is equivalent to the existence of an assembled viral genomic sequence and its associated sequencing reads, is not a definitive proof that this viral genome is correct or real,” and that the process for sequencing DNA itself “leaves room for potential fraud.”

If one intends to fabricate an RNA viral genome on GenBank, he or she could do so by following these steps: create its genomic sequence on a computer, have segments of the genome synthesized based on the sequence, amplify each DNA segment through PCR, and then send the PCR products (may also be mixed with genetic material derived from the alleged host of the virus to mimic an authentic sequencing sample) for sequencing.The resulted raw sequencing reads would be used, together with the created genomic sequence, for establishing an entry on GenBank. Once accomplished, this entry would be accepted as the evidence for the natural existence of the corresponding virus. Clearly, a viral genomic sequence and its GenBank entry can be fabricated if well-planned.

RaTG13 has ‘multiple abnormal features,’ according to the report. For starters, it’s claimed that it was a fecal sample – yet just 1.7% of the raw sequencing reads are bacterial, when fecal swab samples are typically 70-90% bacterial. Second, the genomic sequence for RaTG13 contains segments of non-bat origin, including fox, flying fox, squirrels and other animals.

What’s more, China destroyed all evidence of RaTG13. “No independent verification of the RaTG13 sequence seems possible because, according to Dr. Zhengli Shi,the raw sample has been exhausted and no live virus was ever isolated or recovered. Notably, this information was known to a core circle of virologists early on and apparently accepted by them.”

Meanwhile, another coronavirus which shares a ‘100% nucleotide sequence identity with RaTG13’ – RaBtCoV/4991 – on a ‘short, 440-bp RNA-dependent RNA polymerase gene segment.’

RaBtCoV/4991 was allegedly discovered by Shi and colleagues in 2012 and published in 2016, and colleagues have been asking if it’s the same virus as RaTG13.

Given the 100% identity on this short gene segment between RaBtCoV/4991 and RaTG13,the field has demanded clarification of whether or not these two names refer to the same virus. However,Dr. Shi did not respond to the requestor address this question for months. The answer finally came from Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance and long-term collaborator of Shi, who claimed that RaBtCoV/4991 was RaTG1327.

Three suspicious facts

First, it makes no sense that ‘Batwoman’ Shi and her team wouldn’t have conducted whole genome sequencing of RaBtCoV/4991 before 2020, as it was suspected in the deaths of miners who suffered from severe pneumonia after clearing out bat droppings in a Chinese mineshaft.

Given the Shi group’s consistent interests in studying SARS-like bat coronaviruses and the fact that RaBtCoV/4991 is a SARS-like coronavirus with a possible connection to the deaths of the miners, it is highly unlikely that the Shi group would be content with sequencing only a 440-bp segment of RdRpand not pursue the sequencing of the receptor-binding motif (RBM)-encoding region of the spike gene. In fact, sequencing of the spike gene is routinely attempted by the Shi group once the presence of a SARS-like bat coronavirus is confirmed by the sequencing of the 440-bp RdRpsegment25,32, although the success of such efforts is often hindered by the poor quality of the sample.

“Clearly, the perceivable motivation of the Shi group to study this RaBtCoV/4991 virus and the fact that no genome sequencing of it was done for a period of seven years (2013-2020) are hard to reconcile and explain.

Meanwhile, genomic sequencing of RaTG13 was conducted in 2018.

Second, why did Shi delay publication on RaTG13 until 2020 when it’s got a Spike protein that can bind with human ACE2 receptors?

…if the genomic sequence of RaTG13 had been available since 2018, it is unlikely that this virus, which has a possible connection to miners’ deaths in 2012 and has an alarming SARS-like RBM, would be shelfed for two years without publication. Consistent with this analysis, a recent study indeed proved that the RBD of RaTG13(produced via gene synthesis based on its published sequence) was capable of binding hACE2

Third, there has been no follow-up work on RaTG13 by Shi’s group.

Upon obtaining the genomic sequence of a SARS-like bat coronavirus, the Shi group routinely investigate whether or not the virus is capable of infecting human cells. This pattern of research activities has been shown repeatedly. However, such a pattern is not seen here despite that RaTG13 has an interesting RBM and is allegedly the closest match evolutionarily to SARS-CoV-2

Direct genetic evidence proving RaTG13 is fraudulent

Yan’s group closely examined the sequences of specific spike proteins for relevant viruses – specifically comparing mutations, and found that the spike genes of SARS-CoV-2 and RaTG13 do not contain evidence of natural evolution when compared to other coronaviruses which naturally evolved.

A logical interpretation of this observation is that SARS-CoV-2 and RaTG13 could not relate to each other through natural evolution and at least one must be artificial.If one is a product of natural evolution, then the other one must be not. It is also possible that neither of them exists naturally. If RaTG13 is a real virus that truly exists in nature, then SARS-CoV-2 must be artificial.


It is highly likely that the sequence of the RaTG13 genome was fabricated by lightly modifying the SARS-CoV-2 sequence to achieve an overall 96.2% sequence identity. During this process, much editing must have been done for the RBM region of the S1/spike because the encoded RBM determines the interaction with ACE2 and therefore would be heavily scrutinized by others.

The paper concludes: All fabricated coronaviruses share a 100% amino acid sequence identity on the E protein with ZC45 and ZXC21

Evidence herein clearly indicates that the novel coronaviruses recently published by the CCP-controlled laboratories are all fraudulent and do not exist in nature. One final proof of this conclusion is the fact that all of these viruses share a 100% amino acid sequence identity on the E protein with bat coronaviruses ZC45 and ZXC21, which, as revealed in our earlier report1, should be the template/backbone used for the creation of SARS-CoV-2. Despite its conserved function in the viral replication cycle, the E protein is tolerant and permissive of amino acid mutations. It is therefore impossible for the amino acid sequence of the E protein to remain unchanged when the virus has allegedly crossed species barrier multiple times (between different bat species, from bats to pangolins, and from pangolins to humans). The 100% identity observed here, therefore, further proves that the sequences of these recently published novel coronaviruses have been fabricated.

Unrestricted bioweapon?

Yan notes that while it’s not easy for the public to accept that SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon due to its relatively low lethality, it indeed meets the criteria of a bioweapon.

In 2005, Dr. Yang specified the criteria for a pathogen to qualify as a bioweapon:

  1. It is significantly virulent and can cause large scale casualty.
  2. It is highly contagious and transmits easily, often through respiratory routes in the form of aerosols. The most dangerous scenario would be that it allows human-to-human transmission.
  3. It is relatively resistant to environmental changes, can sustain transportation, and is capable of supporting targeted release.
All of the above have been met bySARS-CoV-2: it has taken hundreds of thousands lives, led to numerous hospitalizations, and left many with sequela and various complications; it spreads easily by contact, droplets, and aerosols via respiratory routes and is capable of transmitting from human to human, the latter of which was initially covered up by the CCP government and the WHO and was first revealed by Dr. Li-Meng Yan on January 19th, 2020 on Lude Press; it is temperature-insensitive (unlike seasonal flu) and remains viable for a long period of time on many surfaces and at 4°C (e.g. the ice/water mixture).

What’s more, COVID-19 spreads asymptomatically, which “renders the control of SARS-CoV-2 extremely challenging.”

“In addition, the transmissibility, morbidity, and mortality of SARS-CoV-2 also resulted in panic in the global community, disruption of social orders, and decimation of the world’s economy. The range and destructive power of SARS-CoV-2 are both unprecedented.

“Clearly,SARS-CoV-2 not only meets but also surpasses the standards of a traditional bioweapon. Therefore, it should be defined as an Unrestricted Bioweapon.”

SARS-CoV-2: lab-origin hypothesis gains traction

“On January 21, President Xi Jinping asked the director-general of the WHO, Dr Tedros Adhanom, to withhold information about person-to-person transmission of the virus, as well as pandemic classification. Likely as a consequence, pandemic classification of the virus was delayed four to six weeks.”

The scientific evidence shown in this and previous posted articles is further proof that Covid-19 virus is a result of lab modification by Wuhan Institute of Virology of viruses owned by the Chinese Communist Party funded People's Liberation Army (PLA) laboratories. The fact that Xi Jinping hid person-to-person transmission of the virus from the world for six weeks while allowing international travel from Wuhan is proof that Xi Jinping and Chinese Communist Party intentionally spread the Covid-19 virus to other countries. The Covid-19 virus was created as a bioweapon through modification/combination of viruses in Chinese Communist Party funded PLA laboratories, and then intentionally leaked from Wuhan Virology Institute in Wuhan as a bio-weapon. The knowledge about the virus was then suppressed as it was allowed to spread to the rest of the world intentionally using the Chinese people as carriers. This should not be surprising as the Chinese leadership does not care about common Chinese people. The Chinese leadership also stocked up on PPE (masks, etc) and antiviral medications ahead of time, so they were well-prepared. And since they were the ones who spread the virus, they knew where to lock down (Wuhan) as well as where to trace the cases within China. Yet they intentionally allowed the virus to spread throughout the world. At the behest of the CCP, the WHO gave the advise not to wear a mask to other countries, even as the Chinese people were required to wear masks to stop the outbreak; masks which the Chinese government had stocked up on while lying to the world that there is no person to person transmission. This also eventually led to shortages of masks around the world, helping the virus to spread. Chinese Covid-19 virus detection tests sold to other countries also did not work, and this also contributed to the pandemic increase.

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