Chinese restaurant offers discounts to women wearing mini skirts


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Mar 26, 2015
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Chinese restaurant offers discounts to women wearing mini skirts
A restaurant in China has been accused of sexism for giving a 90 per cent discount to women wearing a skirt that sits 12 inches above the knee - and they've got the tape measure out

Diners will get a 90 percent discount on food if their miniskirt hems are over 33cm above the knee Photo: CEN

By Telegraph Women

11:31AM BST 20 May 2015

A Chinese restaurant has come under fire for offering discounts to women wearing short skirts.

The eatery in the city of Jinan, in east China's Shangdon Province, has said it will give 90 per cent discounts to women whose skirt hems are 33cm above the knees.

Women wearing skirts just 8cm over the knee would be entitled to a 20 per cent discount.

A doorman would check the women’s skirt lengths using a tape measure.

A spokesman said: “We wanted to do a promotion on our hotpot and we came up with this.

"Girls like showing off their legs and now they can get more than just admiring glances from passersby - they can get cheap food too."

The restaurant has been labelled sexist, with one social media user AnTsai writing: "I have long, beautiful legs but I will be damned if I am going to let some strange man measure my skirt length for a crappy hotpot #outraged."

Another, Xin Kao said: "You'll probably find hidden cameras under the tables too. Disgusting and cheap."

But the restaurant has said it has now been flooded with women wearing short skirts, keen to get a discount.

One person writing on social media, De-Ho2 said: "I don't see the problem. Clubs also let women wearing short skirts into the front of the queue. It's an unwritten rule."

Another, Shen Liang, posted: "Best idea ever."

Hahahaha. Men eat your heart out........................................

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