Chinese Navy Destroyers


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Sep 15, 2021
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That is the philosophy in Chinese manufacturing, quality comes after you have begun building in quantity. You cannot get good at building anything until you built lots of it.

China sees this more than other nation because of the pressure the US puts on it.

It is not only the quality of US systems that is scary but the massive quantity of it. The USN had 60 DDGs in 2012 when China had exactly 6 052Cs! Back then, the quantity gap looked as hopeless as the quality one.

Even today the US has 11 carriers when no one else has more than 2. But at least the DDGs ratio is no longer as bad.

But as long as the production lines are running, the numbers will even out and the quality will get better year after year with more ships you build.
US has 20 carriers & 11 of them are super carriers.
Chinese has 2 ACs & 2 lhds.

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Nov 9, 2021
To blow up their fleets in indian ocean we need strong surveillance , that way we can blow the heck out of them without even sending a flotilla or a fleet to engage them .
Indian Navy's primary objective in a Potential Naval battle with PLAN will be area denial of IOR against any PLAN offensive. Let's face the facts, in terms of shipbuilding and technology, we will not be able to match the Chinese so instead of Building more ships, we should invest more in our missile programs like Brahmos. Brahmos-2 will be a hypersonic cruise missile and it will prove to be deadly for PLAN/PN ships.

So to counter the Chinese from my POV, we need to have more better radars to provide better surveillance capabilities and also missiles like Brahmos 2 which will have very High speeds and a large maximum range. At the same point, India Should not ignore building ships, but simultaneously design and build larger Destroyers (11000+ tons Displaying etc). We are already doing this in Project 18.


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Oct 3, 2016
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These are some of the numbers associated with the current 5 Year Plan (2022 to 2027):

Type 052D/DL DDG 18 (43 total, 25 current)
Type 055 DDG 8 (16 total, 8 current)
Type 093 SSN 10 (~17-20, all variant A,B,G)
Type 095 SSN 2 (next gen)
Type 039X SSK 19 (~60 total Type 039 variants from A and up )
Type 003 CV 1
Type 075
LHD 5 (8 total including 3 current)
Type 054B FFG 5 (next gen)
Type 054A FFG 20 (62 total, 42 current service or launched)
Type 071 LPD 5 (13 total including 8 current)
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