Chinese hackers have control of US power grid


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Feb 21, 2012
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Tech company whose software and services remotely administers and
monitor large sections of the US energy
industry began warning customers about a
sophisticated hacker attack.

Telvent Canada said that digital
fingerprints left behind by attackers point
to a Chinese hacking group tied to
repeated cyber-espionage campaigns
against key Western interests.
It looks like the hackers managed to get
past the company firewall and security

In letters sent to customers last week,
Telvent Canada said the attack happened
on September the 10th.

The attackers installed malicious software
and stole project files related to one of its
core offerings — OASyS SCADA — a
product that helps energy firms mesh
older IT assets with more advanced
"smart grid" technologies.
The company said it was disconnecting
the usual data links between clients and
affected portions of its internal networks.
Meanwhile it is looking for virus or
malware files.

According to, the
company does not think that the
intruders got any information that would
enable them to gain access to a customer
system or that any of the compromised
computers have been connected to a
customer system.
Telvent said it was working with law
enforcement and a task force of
representatives from its parent firm,
Schneider Electric.

Joe Stewart, director of malware research
at Dell SecureWorks said the Web site and
malware names cited in the Telvent
report map back to a Chinese hacking
team known as the "Comment Group."
Comment Group has been involved in
sophisticated attacks to harvest
intellectual property and trade secrets
from energy companies, patent law firms
and investment banks.

Chinese hackers have control of US power grid - Sparks fly on shocking news | TechEye

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