Chinese court orders man to pay woman for violating virginity right


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Apr 17, 2009
Chinese court orders man to pay woman $5000 for 'violating her right to virginity'

A CHINESE woman who sued a man for "violating her right to virginity" after he wooed her with false promises while he was secretly married has been awarded nearly $US5000 ($A5410) by a court.

The two were dating but after the woman, surnamed Chen, found out her boyfriend was already married she sued him for swindling her out of her virginity, accusing him of pretending to be single and pledging to make her his wife, Shanghai media report.

A spokesman for the Pudong New Area People's Court confirmed the case and the judgment, but said the man had appealed the ruling.

The two met online in 2009 but only began dating in 2013, later travelling to Singapore where they consummated the relationship, online media platform The Paper said.
After the man, surnamed Li, suddenly broke off contact, Chen burst into his home and found him with his wife.

Chen sued, accusing him of violating her rights to virginity and health and demanding more than $US81,000 in psychological damages, plus medical costs of $250.

The court found the original demand "excessive" but said in its ruling that the "right to virginity" should be protected by law as it was a "moral right" related to "sexual freedom, sexual safety and sexual purity".

"Violating the right to virginity might lead to harm to a person's body, health, freedom and reputation... it ought to be compensated," the court said, though it did not explain how it reached the precise figure.

The defendant did not appear in court, but through a lawyer he denied having sex with the woman.

Chinese court orders man to pay woman $5000 for ‘violating her right to virginity’
Typical Chinese.

Not ready to face the facts right in the face.

Virginity rights!

What tommy rot.

a straight case of fraud, breach of trust and even rape.

But cloak the heinous crime with pious homilies.and tedious morality claptrap.

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