China's “Vanguard 2009" joint military exercise


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Sep 23, 2009
The coded “Vanguard 2009” joint exercise of large campaign formation conducted in east China’s Jinan Theater was successfully concluded on the afternoon of October 13.

  During the joint actual-troop exercise, such 6 major combat groups as information combat group, air combat group, army aviation combat group, special operation group, campaign artillery group and air defense group of the joint large campaign formation cooperated closely with each other and mainly exercised 4 subjects, namely, information warfare, joint fire strike, joint attack and sealed annihilation and area control. The “Red Army” successfully occupied the position of the “Blue Army” and the designated exercise tasks were smoothly accomplished.

  According to the introduction of Feng Zhaoju, director of the exercise and deputy commander of the Jinan Military Area Command, the exercise involved the Army and the Air Force of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), 16 troop units of 11 arms of the PLA, 50-odd types of equipment and nearly 10,000 servicemen. It is an actual-troop exercise of joint large campaign formation organized by the PLA with more participating arms, complete combat elements and more equipment.

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