China's pathetic "Internet based nationalism"


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May 30, 2009
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China uses the Internet propaganda to fan the flames of nationalism with grandiose dreams of an all powerful China and CCP.

The only problem is that it always backfires.
Its leaves the rabid chest beating citizens clamoring for more action than PLAA and the CCP can deliver.
It makes them look like a bunch of Paper-tiger bumbling amateurish clowns !!

The latest episode with Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taiwan is a classic example of China talking big, but doing squat.
Now the "Internet Warriors of China" are angry and frustrated that besides banning fruit from Taiwan and lobbing some missiles into the sea.......The PLAA cant do squat.
China always seems to be threatening war but backing off at the last minute.
The PLAA generals PLN admirals know that the US Navy will wipe the floor with the Chinese Navy's ass.

Maybe some of the Chinese members of DFI here, can explain why China always talks big and acts like a f'king mouse ??

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