China will be third-largest nuclear generating nation in 2016


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Sep 25, 2009
World nuclear power out to 2019 | NextBigFuture

"China should complete three more nuclear reactors in 2015 to get to 26 Gigawatts of operational nuclear power.
By the end of 2016, China should have 34.5 GW (Adding 8.5 GW in 2016) of operational nuclear power.
By the end of 2017, China should have 43.7 GW (Adding 9.2 GW in 2017) of operational nuclear power.
In 2016, China should be the third largest nuclear power generating country. They will be ahead of Russia. Japan would be third if they turned on all of their nuclear plants.
By 2020, China should have 58GW and will be closing in on second place France with about 63GW. The USA is number one with about 99GW."

China currently has 26 operating nuclear reactors. The total of 26 includes three new nuclear reactors that have been completed in 2015 and connected to the grid.

China will finish construction on six nuclear reactors this year (2015). "Reactors with an asterix are already grid connected." At the end of 2015, China's reactor total will be 29.

China will complete eight new nuclear reactors in 2016. This will increase China's total reactors to 37.

China will finish eight more new nuclear reactors in 2017. Notice the two huge 1,700MW nuclear reactors at Taishan. The trend in the nuclear power industry is toward larger nuclear reactors. Also, notice the 200MW pebble bed reactor at Shidaowan. China's total nuclear reactor count will reach 45.

China will finish construction on two more new nuclear reactors in 2018 and another three in 2019. This will bring China's total nuclear reactor tally to 50.

More information: Nuclear Power in China | World Nuclear Association

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