China vows to further military ties with Egypt


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Feb 16, 2009
BEIJING, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese armed forces are willing to extend their ties with Egypt, Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie said here Friday.

  Liang, also a state councilor, made the remarks when meeting with the visiting Egyptian air force commander Reda Hafez, and spoke highly of Egypt's firm support for China on Taiwan and human right issues.

  "China and Egypt have been supporting and helping each other consistently in international and regional affairs since we forged diplomatic ties in 1956," Liang said. Communication and cooperation between the two countries in all fields had been expanding.

  Hafez said Egypt and China had a long history of friendship, and China enjoyed a very important position among the Egyptian people.

  Hafez also said Egypt hoped for further cooperation and friendship with China.


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Feb 7, 2011
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here china comes to catch fish in muddy water,the vital sea lane will be lost for ever if a muslim hardline govt come to power in egypt& they began afull fledge millitary co op with china.


Feb 19, 2009
there are tow things to this as i see it:

china is literally buying out international clout, now this can bad but i dont see it as wrong. they have an international perspective with an ambition to make it as a super power and they need to have as many international supporters as possible and when they go about doing this they do not carry the baggage of being self-righteous so they can openly support the evil and get away with it, and this works in their favor since the other doesnt see this as interference in their internal affairs something i associate with as well, its other's problem and they should have full freedom to sort it out which ever way they feel like to, which also means having flexibility in ones approach where in when the maoists in nepal are fighting against the monarchy they support the monarchy but when the maoists form the government or make it to main stream they look to support them. atleast when doing so they are not showing any duplicity as seen in US foreign policy which takes all the high moral grounds possible and where it suits their agenda they thrust democracy on others but when they can make do with dictators they readily align with them and the same dictators get addressed as some sort of messiahs, no matter how badly the human rights might get violated.

that said all this is not good news for india and it gets extremely important for india to make it to all the international high tables that india intends to and are possible as soon as possible through which india can have a dominant role to play in how this world shapes, what also gets important for india is to make sure that as happened during the cold war, india maintains a safe distance between both the US and china and try and find a middle path which remains beneficial for the country and like we cultivated our relationship with the ussr then the same way we do it this time round with the US and russia as well.


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Jan 17, 2010
I think below makes sense for Indians

How is Egypt important to India? Egypt does not have oil resources like Saudi Arabia nor does it employ expatriates like UAE. Egypt's trade with India is insignificant. We need to remember that during Indo-Pak war in 1971. Egypt supported resolution against India in sympathy with Pakistan. We have no cultural or historical commonalities with Egypt. If the Egyptians want to throw a dictator that is their choice. We need to keep our nose out of others affairs. We need to learn from Chinese not to get involved in others affairs when it does not threaten our core interests. We need to concentrate in solving our own problems before trying to solve others. There is a possibility the unorganized revolution can play into hands of Islamist regime just like in Iran.

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