China hints at new air-launched missiles


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May 24, 2009
China hints at new air-launched missiles - Jane's Defence Systems News

A series of images released via the Internet has revealed a number of new Chinese air-to-air missile (AAM) programmes; Jane's has identified three new strands in Chinese AAM development including enhanced versions of existing weapons and hitherto unknown designs.

While very little information accompanies the images, they appear to confirm several anticipated trends in Chinese AAM technology, including advanced, agile dogfight weapons and extended-range ramjet propulsion systems.

In one image a pair of small AAMs are seen carried on shoulder launchers above an SD-10 (PL-12) active radar-guided missile: this is the first time such a 'three-shot' pylon has been seen on a Chinese combat aircraft. The weapons are carried by a Xian JH-7A strike aircraft - the first time that platform has been seen with such sophisticated AAMs.

The new small AAMs - if that is what they are - are unusual as they are not fitted with an infrared (IR) seeker. Both items instead have radomes, suggesting they might be active radar-guided weapons like the SD-10.

Russian specialist seeker design house AGAT has developed a special, miniaturised version of its 9B-1103M seeker to fit such small-diameter missiles. The 9B-1103M-150 has a 150 mm wide antenna and AGAT representatives have told Jane's that it was produced in response to specific customer interest from outside Russia. AGAT declined to identify that customer.

Image: The emergence of a ramjet AAM capability in China's hands, if mastered, would be an extremely significant step forward in capability (Chinese Internet, via R Hewson)


Feb 17, 2009
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