China has no communist ideology; India deserves UNSC seat: Lama


Nov 16, 2009
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JODHPUR: Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama has termed China as a "communist nation without communist ideology" and said the country urgently needs political liberalisation.

He also advocated India's quest for permanent seat in UN security council , saying it is the "most deserving" nation for the status and veto power.

Expressing grief over suppression of Tibetan culture and tradition, he said imposition of Chinese lifestyle in the region is "unacceptable".

However, the exiled leader said at a function here that Tibet cannot afford to be independent as it is small and landlocked but certainly needs greater autonomy. He said Chinese policies are against Tibetan people and they cannot accept this.

75-year-old Dalai Lama also signaled about his retirement and said "I am at the fag end of my mission."

Speaking in a lecture on "Nalanda Thought: India's ancient treasure" hosted by a management institute here, Dalai Lama stressed upon the need to revive the Nalanda university's education system for the benefit of humanity.

The Tibetans are disciples of India and called the Tibetan tradition a true lineage of Nalanda education system.
He called the Nalanda tradition a truly pluralistic system based upon experiments, logic and investigation.

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