China Builds Refugee Camps Along DPRK Border, War Imminent


Sanathan Pepe
Sep 18, 2009
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It looks like Trump is going to make good on his promise to "totally destroy" the Kim regime, as China is setting up refugee camps along its entire frontier with the DPRK (North Korea). The first consequence of a joint US-Japan-RoK strike on DPRK is expected to see a swift military action, followed by quick collapse of the Kim regime, beginning with mass desertations of top officers and personnel of the DPRK military. It will also cause a refugee crisis along Chinese territories bordering DPRK.

There are bridges and tunnels set up by China to facilitate this quick exodus. Kim himself will either entrench himself and play out his nuclear card to the end; or be one of the first to exile into PRC, and set up a "government in exile" or even a terrorist organization.

The Korean peninsula could see a political reunification by 2020, with reconstruction of basic public infrastructure within the DPRK running up to the 2030s. It will only be 2040 or later, by the time the two halves achieve a degree of socio-economic consistency.

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