Bolivia analyzes to buy Russian fighters


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Nov 16, 2011
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Bolivia to Acquire 40,000 rifles and 20 Fighters

French-made radars were purchased and installed this year, but the government has decided to re-equip the armed forces to accompany this technological upgrade with the purchase of 20 fighter aircraft and 40,000 rifles art, Defense Minister Reymi Ferreira told El Deber. One analyst estimates that the last two acquisitions will require an investment of US $ 140 million.

The minister recalled that the government in 2014 concluded a cooperation agreement with France, including a credit line, for the purchase of radars. But Evo Morales raised the bar higher when he announced the re-arming plan on Saturday. "The armed forces must be armed, and not disarmed," he said.

Ferreira said the country has T-33 fighter-bomber aircraft in La Paz, K-8 jet trainers in Cochabamba, and in Santa Cruz some older aircraft, where training is carried out, , but these do not have the capability or the condition needed to carry out effective operations.

"We need two squadrons of 10 aircraft each, so we are talking about 20 fighters. We have received five offers that have come, which doesn't mean we will choose one of them. There are other options offered by the French, Brazilian China, Russia and Argentina industries," he said.

Ferreira avoided providing any information on investment costs, saying "The president requested to do this within the general austerity budget". Asked if tens of millions of dollars were involved, he replied "I do not know, but when we have decided, we will disclose the overall amount".

Defense analyst Samuel Montaño said he thought the Government would seek training aircraft. "If you look at the market, neither the US nor Europe will sell us fighters. The Mig 21, either Russian or Chinese models, cost 5 to 10 million dollars each. If we go for the cheapest solution, that would come to 100 million dollars, and it's too much. And it would pay ony for the aircraft themselves."

In fact, "Argentina has Pampa training aircraft, which are not fighters. Brazil will offer the Super Tucano, which performed well in Peru or Colombia, on counterinsurgency operations."

The minister said the goal is to prevent the entry of clandestine aircraft. "In 90% of the time, this problem has to do with drug trafficking, or of other items, such as weapons," he said.

Since the Government of David Padilla Arancibia in 1979, the armed forces' standard rifles have not been renewed. "We will seek their complete replacement by 40,000 very modern rifles; a quarter will be placed in reserve, and all the others will go to the troops," he said.

Montaño said a rifle of the latest generation costs about $ 1,000 per unit, including delivery. "That would mean an investment of US $40 million. And, to continue working with the FAL rifles, you have to buy a similar caliber," he said

Bolivia to Acquire 40,000 rifles and 20 Fighters


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Feb 12, 2014
I might be wrong but I think attack helicopters would serve better in bolivia than fighter jets if the drug & weapons trafficking isn't always through clandestine aircrafts.

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