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Jan 10, 2010
Emergence of Hindu Taliban in India

India is the architect of terrorism and has always used terrorism as an instrument to browbeat its neighbors. It is still using this weapon against Pakistan to serve its ends but pretends to be innocent as a lamb and sobs in front of the world that it is the victim of terrorism. It is the typical case of a wolf standing upstream accusing a lamb drinking water from downstream that it is muddying the water and makes it a pretext to eat up the lamb.

Living up to its reputation of being among the most deceitful and wicked nations, India engineered terror attacks in Mumbai. These were stage managed on 26 November 2008 in order to create an excuse to stall composite dialogue that had reached an advanced stage after four rounds of talks and in the next meeting result oriented decisions were to be taken on all chronic issues that had bedeviled Indo-Pak relations. These included Siachen, Sir Creek, dams on rivers and above all core issue of Kashmir. Within hours of the incident when everything was hazy and utter chaos reigned in whole of India, Pakistan was blamed. India pointed fingers at Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), Jamaat ud Dawa (JuD) and ISI and suspended composite dialogue in a huff.

Mumbai event was also important for India to cover up its abetment and export of terrorism into Pakistan from Afghanistan at a massive scale, since it was getting increasingly difficult to hide it. Pakistan had collected concrete proofs of involvement of RAW in Balochistan. Mumbai event was blown up out of all proportions by India to project India innocent and Pakistan as the villain of peace and thus put Pakistan on the defensive. Ever since, India is posing itself as a victim of terrorism. To sell this theme all over the world, India solicited full support of USA and western world.

The US posing to be a strategic partner of Pakistan lent full support to India and coerced Pakistan to do as told by India. Indo-US-Israeli propaganda machinery already geared towards maligning Pakistan swung into action to intensify its efforts to spread falsehood and to twist facts into half truths. Any act of terror taking place in India or in Afghanistan was pasted on (LeT) and concerted efforts made to establish its linkage with ISI. A case was gradually built up to demonize LeT and project it as other side of all-Qaeda or alternative of al-Qaeda.

After blaming LeT for its involvement in Mumbai carnage, India stood firm on this unsubstantiated allegation and took an mulish stand that unless the named culprits including LeT head Hafiz Said are not taken to task, certain Indian Muslims supposedly in Pakistan not handed over to India and India specific terrorist network not dismantled, talks will not be resumed. Pakistan went out of the way to appease frowning India and offered all possible assistance including joint investigations to help trace the real culprits, but its overtures were rudely spurned since India was never interested in digging the truth and punishing actual offenders.

The single witness and accused Ajmal Kasab arrested by Indian authorities under dubious circumstances is in custody of India since 26/11. He has been convicted and awarded death sentence by a kangaroo court in Mumbai after 15 months of his detention despite his pleadings that he had been implicated and had no role to play. He has been kept away from Pakistani investigative authorities and Interpol despite repeated requests. It was a one-sided affair denying a fair chance to the accused to defend his case. While Kasab has been convicted, his two Indian companions who in all probability were the real culprits were let off since their conviction would have brought India under pressure. Murder of Hemant Karkare has been pushed under the rug and so are the cases against Indian accused led by Lt Col Prohit involved in several terrorist cases that had been pasted on Pakistan.

Pakistani leaders lacking in moral courage failed to exert any pressure on India to put Prohit and others including several Indian Army officers on trial since death of many Pakistanis had occurred at their hands in a terrorist attack on Samjhota Express train in 2007. They have also utterly failed to even question as to what happened to the trial against Prohit and other co-accused in Malegaon terrorist attacks in which Muslims were the targets. The case had reached an advance stage under Karkare for which he had to lose his life at the hands of Hindu terrorists. The high profile case has been put in a cold freezer since sufficient incriminating evidence had been accumulated and conviction by trial court would have laid bare the huge Hindu terrorist network in working upon the agenda of Hindutva and to malign Pakistan. It had been established that the network was fully backed by Indian military intelligence, extremist political party, RSS and RAW. Several senior Indian officers like Lt Gen Hoon (notorious for training Hindu suicide bombers) were involved in the racket with state patronage.

Indian intelligence agencies to their utter horror have discovered that there is a network of Hindu Taliban in India. Kaldip Nayyar in his write up 'Between the lines' in Lokmat Times of May 13, 2010 revealed that Hindu Taliban are connected with the most notorious extremist Hindu outfit RSS and responsible for bomb blasts at Ajmer Dargah in 2007, Hyderabad Makka Masjid on May 18, 2007, Samjhota Express, Malegaon, Goa. He says that Karkare was eliminated by Hindu extremists. CBI has decided to reopen Makka and Ajmer cases after three years following a linkage of Abhinav Bharat, a Hindu outfit. Accused in two terrorist acts are Lokesh Sharma, Sandeep Dange, Sunil Joshi, Ramji Kasinagar. During operation Rah-e-Rast in Swat, numerous Hindu Taliban were arrested or killed.

In an interview with Times of India Nagpur, dated January 4, 2010, former Inspector General Mahashtra Police and author of book 'Who killed Karkare', SM Mushrif said that Ram Pradham Committee was a distorted and incomplete version of facts. He demanded high level re-investigation into Mumbai incident. The veracity of so-called dossiers handed over by India to Pakistan can be judged from the remarks of Mushrif.

Instead of putting India in the dock, our rulers, under intense pressure from USA became apologetic and defensive and took hasty actions against JuD, a corollary of LeT and seven of its members are under trials. Even Hafiz Said was arrested but he was let off by the court because of lack of evidence. Desperate to appease the Indians, Rahman Malik stated that involvement of Pakistanis in Mumbai attacks and hiring of a boat from Bandar Abbas in Karachi to Mumbai had been established. This was negated by the then naval chief. Shah Ahmad Qureshi also bent over backwards to conciliate the fuming Indians by stating that all measures are in hand to get hold of the culprits. These actions instead of softening up Indian leaders further stiffened them and they have kept humming nauseating mantra of terrorism. The overall design of India is to get Pakistan declared as a terror abetting state, a failing and ungovernable state, extensively involved in promoting terrorism and unfit to retain nuclear weapons.

Although the world in general has begun to see through the haze and doubt the veracity of claims made by India with regard to Mumbai incident and many are now beginning to believe that the whole show was stage managed by India to achieve sinister objectives, however Jewish controlled Newsweek whose editor is an Indian still firmly believes that it had been perpetrated by LeT. Notwithstanding the enhanced prestige of Pakistan Army because of its effective tackling of terrorism and duly lauded by home and foreign audiences, the Magazine still sees Pakistan as a failing state and a threat to world peace.
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