Begging in Beijing? Pakistan sacks state TV chief after broadcast gaffe

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Tihar Jail
Jan 30, 2017
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ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan has removed the acting chief of state-run television after a caption read “Begging” instead “Beijing” during a broadcast of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to China, which has promised economic aid to the impoverished South Asian country.

Khan was in Beijing seeking financial aid to help end a spiraling balance of payments crisis after securing $6 billion in support from Saudi Arabia and before Pakistan sat down to talks with the IMF.

An official Ministry of Information order seen by Reuters said the ministry had withdrawn the services of Hasan Immad Mohammadi, who had served as acting managing director of Pakistan Television for just a matter of weeks.

PTV apologized after “Begging” ran on screens for 20-25 seconds on Monday while Khan was making a speech, kicking off a debate on social media as to whether the misspelling was deliberate.

Khan has criticized Pakistan’s many international bailouts and decried previous leaders as roaming the world with a begging bowl.

An information ministry spokesman said the misspelling had nothing to do with Mohammadi’s removal, saying it was a “routine affair”.

Finance Minister Asad Umar said on Tuesday that “Pakistan’s immediate balance of payment crisis is over”, adding that the combined Saudi support plus as-yet-unspecified aid promised by China had shored up foreign currency reserves.

Umar spoke a day before the arrival on Wednesday of an IMF team for a two-week visit to Islamabad to negotiate Pakistan’s request for a 13th IMF bailout since the 1980s.

He has previously said the country needs $12 billion in immediate relief.

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Sep 2, 2013
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Habitual Beggar can not become a self respecting self sufficient nation.....Begging is like drug...some nations get addicted to begging.
This one has been a long time professional beggar as it begged for 40 years from it has changed it place of a corner street of China.
A beggar can only progress once he stops the tendency to beg and start working hard to earn...


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Feb 26, 2010
It's not that Shitistanis have suddenly grown into begging or not even past 70 years. To understand this we must go back to their very ancestry.

Shitistanis are bastards of conquest. Their ancestors begged for their lives, while happy to barter away anything that could to save themselves- this included their women, their families, brothers, sisters, children, faith, culture- everything.

Now a breed that's spawned off just duplicitous, traitorous, cowardly, backstabbing, lying, cheating, spineless, gutless stock cannot be expected to be bastions of integrity and virtue.

First they latched onto the invaders for favours and scarps thrown their way. Once the invaders weakened and were soundly thrashed, they ingrained themselves with the new conquerors, culminating with the ultimate surrender to the British. They ingratiated themselves with the White Masters in exchange for lands and titles, wine, money and women.

With independence looming, this gutless bunch realised that their days of freeloading were coming to an end. Hence, the idea of Pakistan was born, where all the spineless, thieving, cheating, immoral scum could gather and live off the loot of those who had build their assets and could be forced to flee to the East in the name of faith.

It's not for nothing that the events of partition and what happened next are referred to as lut in Pakistani Punjab.

At independence, Shitistanis got land disproportionate to their population and also water resources. They also soon resumed their begging stance, this time in front of the Americans and of course the ummah. Amreeka caught in the tunnel-shaped vision of the Cold war was only too happy to oblige.

Beggistan will keep begging as long as there are those willing to give alms. At the same they'll threaten to either shoot a gun to their head or blow themselves up and take down others if not given the bheekh.

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