Balochistan: Pakistani security forces continue their atrocities


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Lasbella : The disfigured and tortured body of a Baloch youth was found in Panjgur and another young Baloch was shot dead in Pedarak area of Turbat on Tuesday. The barbaric atrocities of Pakistani security forces in Balochistan continue uninterrupted.

According to details Pakistani security forces goon shot dead Abdul Wahid Sawali Baloch in Pedarak area of Turbat around 12:30 am Tuesday afternoon. The attackers fled from the site after committing the murder.

The deceased, Abdul Wahid son of Sawali, was a resident of Dramkol area of Pedarak Balochistan.

Separately decomposed and badly tortured body of 16 year old Waseem Baloch son of Abdul Rehman Baloch was found dumped in Paskol River in Khodabadan area of Panjgur, Balochistan.

His identity was confirmed through his National Identity Card found in the pocket of his shirt.

Waseem Baloch was abducted from Chitkaan area of Panjugr on Tuesday (13-10-2014).

Waseem's father Mr Abdul Rehman Arif, a teacher by profession, was abducted on 3rd September 2010 from Rancho Line area of Karachi and in February 2011 his bullet riddled and tortured body was found in Ormara are of Balochistan.

On 20 October Pakistan security forces conducted a military operation in Goath Ramzan Marri in Sakuran area of Hub, Balochistan. At least one man was killed, and 15 men including, two injured by Pakistani security forces firing, have been arrested and taken to an undisclosed location.

According to details several women and children along with Haji Khan Marri a resident of Goath Ramzan Marri held a press conference at Lasbela Press Club and said that Pakistani forces attacked Goath Dr Dhani Bakhsh Marri and Ramzan Marri on Monday and opened indiscriminate firing at residents.

He said as a result of firing Abdul Sattar Marri was killed on spot and two local labours of a factory in Hub have been wounded. "The police have abducted the injured men and accused them of being involved in the attack on Punjabi Labours on Sunday."

He said: "Our eight relatives have been abducted by Pakistani forces from Hub town on Sunday evening after an attack on Punjabi labours at local factory in Hub. The abducted men were returning in two cars from Gaddani where they had gone for picnic and visit."

He said four of their guests, who came from Quetta, to attend a wedding ceremony in Hub on Sunday, were also abducted by Pakistani forces. He identified the abducted men [guests] as Maula Bakhsh Marri, Arbab Khan Marri, Saeed Jado Marri, and Bilawal Marri.

The other victims of abduction have been named as Sultan Marri, Elahi Bakhsh Marri from Dhani Bakhsh Goath and Zaman Khan Marri, Gull Khan Marri [factory workers], student Miaya Khan Marri were abducted from Goath Ramzan Marri.

The whereabouts of abducted men remained unknown until the filing of this report.

Haji Khan Marri said that Lasbela Police have abducted 10 year old Rahmdil Marri who is mentally unfit and accused him of being involved in Hub incident [attack on Punjabi labours].

Mr Marri also alleged that Pakistani forces harassed women and children during the operation and looted valuables including jewellery from women.

During the press conference Baloch women and Hazar Khan Marri, Gaana Khan Marri, Bagh Ali Marri and other children asked that why their innocent loved ones were abducted by security forces. They said if their relatives committed any crimes, they should be presented to a court.

Izzat Khatoon the mother of abducted Zaman Khan Marri and Sultan Marri's daughter told media persons that Balochistan CM Dr Malik Baloch, Provincial Minister Nawab Changyz Marri, Sardar Saleh Bhootani, Jam Kamal Khan, Aslam Bhootani and other high official should play their role for the safe recovery and release of their abducted loved ones and take notice of Lasbela police's cruelty.

On 16 October Pakistan forces carried out an operation in Mohair area of Mand, Balochistan. Several houses were set on fire and many have been damaged due indiscriminate firing by Pakistani forces.

Shakar Baloch was abducted during the operation and his whereabouts remain unknown.

On Sunday another mutilated body was found in Paskol river area in Panjgur. The victim was identified as Mujahid son of Nazeer a resident of Saravan region of Panjgur Balochistan.

Police sources confirmed that the victims was first subjected to torture and later shot dead.

Meanwhile the protest of Voice for Baloch Missing Person entered its 1762 day on Tuesday.

Qadeer Baloch, Vice Chairman of VBMP, said that Pakistan was committing 'Baloch genocide' in Balochistan. He charged that the Federal Government, Balochistan provincial government, civil society, media and religious groups were all partners of Pakistan army and military in their crimes against humanity in Balochistan.

Balochistan: Pakistani security forces continue their atrocities with full impunity from federal and provincial government - Lasbella - News - Balochwarna News

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