Balochis ask USA to stop military aid to Pakistan

Feb 16, 2009
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US Military aid to Pakistan is tantamount to putting oil on the fire in Balochistan, BRP | The News Tribe

London: American military aid to Pakistan is a matter of concern for the people of Balochistan, We appeal to the government of United States to revise their decision of military aid to Pakistan, said Baloch Republican Party.Official release of BRP said that Pakistan and its military and other armed organizations are carrying out a well-calculated genocide of Baloch people in their native land and perpetrating atrocities against Baloch civilians working on the notorious policies of enforced-disappearances, arbitrary detention, torture and extra-judicial killings also infamous as "Kill and Dump" policy.

Baloch Republican Party urge the American authorities to revisit their decision of providing military aid to Pakistan as all the military power of the state is being used in Balochistan to suppress the people's demand for rights including the fundamental human right to freedom.

News release also claimed that "there is a military operation going on in Balochistan since its forceful annexation with Pakistan in early 1948. Endless atrocities have been committed since time of occupation which continues unabated and even gaining momentum with every passing minute."

"The state forces has been indulging in war crimes in Balochistan such as laying landmines in civilian populated areas, polluting the drinking sources of water with poison and indiscriminately attacking civilians, killing them execution style, abducting, detaining and torturing them for years and burying them in mass graves" also said in BRP's media note.

Sher Mohammad Bugti also claims that Yesterday (Thursday), a Baloch civilian Ado Bugti was killed and Lanhra Bugti was wounded when the stepped on landmine lay by Pakistani forces in Mondarani Patt area of Dera Bugti. In a similar incident Jhakrani Bugti was killed in Lanjo Seghari area of Dera Bugti and a religious preacher was targeted in Dera Bugti. Local population of different parts of Balochistan particularly Dera Bugti are forced to migrate because of the fear of military actions, landmines, poisoned water sources and other atrocities of Pakistani forces.

BRP official also said that "Pakistani forces are preparing for a large scale military action in Chitkan area of Panjgur where special commandos are also going to take part besides gunship helicopters and other modern military equipments".

BRP says that they strongly appeal to the international institution of human rights, champions of peace, and advocates of freedom and civilized people of the world to stop all kind of aid to the Pakistan and play their due role to end ongoing atrocities in Balochistan.

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