Baloch seeks B-desh help against Pak


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Nov 16, 2011
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Baloch seek Dhaka help against Pakistan war crimes in Balochistan

WASHINGTON DC: The pro-independence American Friends of Balochistan has contacted the government of Bangladesh to lobby for the case of Balochistan's freedom from Pakistan at the Organization of Islamic Conference.

The appeal Thursday came in the backdrop of the brutal Pakistan army execution of a 10-year-old Baloch boy Chakar Baloch, whose brother is an activist of the pro-freedom Baloch National Movement.

Pakistan army had killed three million Bangldeshis during the war of liberation there in 1971. Similar atrocities are being enacted by the Pakistani soldiers in Balochistan.

The A.F.B. letter was addressed to Ambassador Akramul Qader in Washington DC., Bangladesh envoy to the United States.

Following is the full text of the letter:

Greetings from the freedom loving people of Balochistan who are today facing the same atrocities our Bangladeshi brothers and sisters faced in 1971.

The Pakistan military and the Punjab dominated political leadership is carrying out the same crimes against humanity and war crimes in Balochistan that they unleashed against the people of Bangladesh.

Thousands of Baloch youths have been tortured and killed execution style by the Pakistani occupation forces. Even tiny Baloch children are not being spared by the Hitlerite Pakistan military, Military Intelligence, Inter-Services Intelligence and Frontier Corps.

On January 7, a 10-year-old Baloch named Chakar Baloch was forcibly disappeared by the Pakistan army from the Fish Market in Turbat. His bullet riddled body was dumped by the Pakistani soldiers on January 10.

You may well be aware the Pakistanis never felt any remorse in killing three million Bangaldeshis and raping 200,000 women in 1971. This was evident by the Pakistan parliament resolution in defense of the war criminals, at the behest of the same military that is committing a genocide in Balochistan today.

Baloch people have immense love and respect for the people of Bangladesh and consider Sheikh Hasina as their dearest sister as she is daughter of the founder of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

As founder of the American Friends of Balochistan, I urge the government of Bangladesh to help stop Pakistan's crime against humanity and war crimes against the Baloch people in Balochistan and do everything possible to free Balochistan from the yoke of Punjab's slavery.

Lobbying by the Government of Bangladesh at the level of Organization of Islamic Conference is urgently needed.

I also urge you to establish immediate contact with the genuine representatives of the Baloch people. These Baloch freedom leaders are His Royal Highness the Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Daud Ahmadzai, Hyrbyair Marri and Javed Mengal in London, U.K.; Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti in Geneva; Mehran Baluch at the European Union in Brussels, Belgium; Kachkol Ali Advocate in Oslo, Norway; Dr. Jumma Marri in Moscow, among other leading Baloch representatives working for the freedom of Balochistan. These exiled leaders from Balochistan look forward to cementing friendship and brotherly relations with Bangladesh.

The American Friends of Balochistan, a grassroots organization dedicated to the freedom of Balochistan, is willing to assist you in any ways possible in Washington DC.

Once again please convey the best wishes to Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who has a special place of respect in Baloch hearts.

Long live the friendship between the people of Bangladesh and people of an independent Balochistan."

Baloch seek Dhaka help against Pakistan war crimes in Balochistan - Baltimore Foreign Policy |

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