BAD security at new delhi international airport


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Oct 10, 2009
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I went to the airport on wednesday evening(to receive Amark's mother and sister), some serious lapses i saw and experienced are below

1) While going to the international arrival terminal, i could see a large no. of aircraft parked at the skybridges . in Mumbai you cannot see any aircraft easily from the road the logic being that if you can see them you can fire an RPG or worse at them.My car or myself was not stopped or checked prior to this point so i could have theoratically brought anything i wanted to bring into the area.

2) I gained entry to the arrivals lounge by buying a 80 Rs ticket, i was not checked here as well ;no metal detectors, no hand- held scanners, no turning out the pockets even.

3) i went to the airport around 08:30am today to the domestic departures terminal, here again i bought a 50 Rs ticket to gain entry i was not checked again, mind you i was pushing a trolley full of luggage that was not cheked prior to the check -in area either, the point being that anything can be brought into the premises.

I have posted the points at the following id
Delhi International Airport (P) Limited - Contact Us

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