Azerbaijan to buy training planes from abroad


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Jun 29, 2009
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16:55 GMT, September 21, 2009 Azerbaijan plans to buy training planes from abroad, spokesman for Voluntary Military Patriotism Technical Sport Society (VMPTSS) Valid Gardashli told "MilAz”. He said talks are being held to buy training planes meeting modern standards from Germany. The planes will be brought to the country after Guzdek Eurasia Center is opened. Amateur pilots will be trained, tourist flights will be operated by these planes.

Gardashli said over 25,000 planes in the inventory of Voluntary Military Patriotism Technical Sport Society will be repaired. "An-2 and YaK-52 planes were bought from Russia. But after these planes were brought to the country their parts were not assembled or used," he said.

Spokesman for VMPTSS added that a contract was signed with Georgia for the repair of the planes last year. But the work was postponed after the war broke out in Georgia last August. The planes will be repaired in Yevlakh and Tbilisi.

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