Atrocities committed in Balochistan by Pakistan Deep State


Sep 7, 2015
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Hu guys! Please post pictures and videos of the atrocities committed by the Paki Establishment which is doing its darnedest to stifle the voice of the Balochis.

According the Pakistan's human rights report, the security forces continued to unlawfully kill and forcibly disappear suspected Baloch freedom fighters and opposition activists in 2015. In January, 13 highly decomposed bodies of ethnic Baloch individuals were found in Khuzdar district.

The human rights situation in Balochistan remained abysmal. Despite the May 2013 election of a civilian government, the military has retained all key decision-making functions in the southwestern province and blocked efforts by civil society organizations and media to cover ongoing violence there.

“Even if the president or chief justice tells us to release you, we won’t. We can torture you, or kill you, or keep you for years at our will. It is only the Army chief and the [intelligence] chief that we obey.”
– Pakistani official to Bashir Azeem, the 76 year old secretary general of the Baloch Republican Party.


Here's a shocking video of the butchery perpetrated by the Pakistan Army against the Baloch.....


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