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Jul 21, 2010
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A cursed videotape causes the death of anyone who sees it seven days after that person has watched it , and immediately after watching it that person gets a phone call informing that he/she has seven days in which that person has to make another person ( denoted as tail ) watch it so that the curse moves on to the other person and the earlier person is free from the curse . The movie begins with two persons on the same plane having watched the videotape without having a tail . So they are doomed , and the plane crashes . But why did the other passengers in the plane die unnecessarily without having watched the videotape ? Can anyone tell why come they were doomed too ? Shh !! Don't ask uncomfortable questions !!

Two years later a college professor buys the same tape , but he organises an experiment with some of his students to pass on watching the video to a tail . The heroine's boyfriend ( who is the professor's student too ) gets caught up in this too , and our heroine is too deeply in love to let him alone in this...she watches the video too . But her copy of the video has another video inside it that is only for her and to solve the mystery she has to go to this wretched town where it all started...

So what is so special about the heroine that only she gets a video that has another video inside it ? Simple really , our heroine has probably been selected to star in the next part of this movie too what else !!

Problem is---there are hardly any jolts in the film that give you the chills that a horror movie gives . Most jolts look and sound more like jolts from a thriller than a horror movie . Later on as the movie moves to the wretched town and the blind priest and the tomb where lie all the secrets to the happenings , the film has become more a mystery movie with some thrills rather than a normal horror movie . The grip which the movie has in the first half is lost in the second half .

I was missing what I had thought were the usual cliches of a horror movie---haunted mansions , darkened rooms , small children making contact with the ghost first , doors slamming shut , our leading actors searching darkened rooms of haunted mansions with candles....where was all that when I needed it most for my staple of entertainment ? What I had once dismissed as cliches were coming to haunt me by their absence !!

Matilda Lutz and Alex Roe look cute as the leading pair , but otherwise the film is not interesting . It frankly gets overcomplicated in the second half and I wasn't impressed . Photography is decent and so are the colours .

Verdict---Not good .

One and a half stars .

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