Ashdoc's movie review---Once upon a time in Mumbai dobara


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Jul 21, 2010
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The number of Films that are being made based on Dawood !!---One wonders if he is bankrolling them to get maximum publicity for himself....

But this one makes a mockery of the great Don....

For instead of running his illegal empire coldheartedly , it shows him falling in love and giving too much importance to a woman....

Akshay Kumar plays Shoaib ( loosely based on Dawood ) , the Don who is so powerful that he can even turn the lights off in all of Mumbai , or so he boasts....

Problem is---Akshay Kumar's voice simply lacks the punch , and his acting lacks the depth needed to make a real impression on the audience.....
His portrayal must be the weakest one of the Don , especially after seeing the performance of Ranadeep Hooda in D and Rishi Kapoor in D Day....

And I suddenly realised that I was missing an actor I disliked---Eemraan Hashmi , who played the budding Don with supreme confidence in the earlier version of ' Once upon...' .

As if to compensate for the lack of punch in his acting and his voice , the director shows Akshay ( Shoaib ) mouth too many airy dialogues---just too many of them....
But they don't hide Akshay's lack of acting skills , but in fact only serve to highlight them....

So Akshay tries pitifully to fit into the shoes of the great Don , and while doing so falls in love with a budding starlet played by Sonakshi Sinha....

But she does not receprocate , but falls in love with his henchman ( played by Imran Khan ).....

All this while however , she has been hanging out with both in a manner that one make one believe that she is two timing both of them and toying with both.....

So a love triangle develops , and the big question is---who will get her in the end ??

Who cares ?? Neither of them is worth it , judging from their acting skills....
Nor is Sonakshi worth fighting for , at least in my opinion....
Nor is the film worth watching....

Meanwhile Shoaib's rival Rawal ( played by Mahesh Manjrekar ) brings the situation to a boil by shooting Sonakshi---of course , he is only repaying his debt , for Shoaib and his henchman have tried to kill him on numerpus occasions and succeeded in only killing his girlfriend.....

So the Don and his henchman and the rival don have to fight it out over their grudges over women---and the audience has to yawn while struggling to keep awake to find out who emerges triumphant in the end....

But whoever emerges triumphant in the end , the audience is certainly the loser---for it wasted its hard earned money on seeing this film....

Meanwhile the police are also closing in---they already tried once by using Shoaib's other henchman Jimmy as cat's paw....But Shoaib tracked and shot dead Jimmy ( who was innocent ) even though police were around him while mouthing another airy fairy dialogue , thus showing his legendary cruelty....
This Akshay Kumar acted legendary cruelty is supposed to make us quake in our books , but it doesn't....Yawn....

So what happens in the end ?? Don't watch the movie for that....

I got so bored ( actually bored is not the right word for it---hindi has a nice word for it called thakela ) while watching the movie that I took three days after watching the movie to even think about starting to write a review of it....

And the very fact that I am writing a review inspite of my thakela mood is due to my commitment to those who read my reviews.....

Verdict---Disappointing .


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Mar 24, 2009
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Thakela is a very Mumbaiyya word not Hindi!!! :D

A chauhan

"अहिंसा परमो धर्मः धर्म हिंसा तथैव च: l"
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Oct 10, 2009
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I actually don't enjoy this kind of movie in which anti-Nationals like Sultan Mirza or Dawood type people play a role of hero and are projected such, I even wonder why do we watch such movies. This type of movies should highly be discouraged.


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Sep 15, 2009
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This movie showcasing India's most wanted man was released on August 15th ( Independence Day). Such a shame.

Thank you Akshay, Sonakshi, Imran Khan & special thanks to the wonderful producer called Ekta Kapoor.

I thank god that this movie is a flop.


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Jul 31, 2009
I actually don't enjoy this kind of movie in which anti-Nationals like Sultan Mirza or Dawood type people play a role of hero and are projected such, I even wonder why do we watch such movies. This type of movies should highly be discouraged.
Probably these movies are financed guess...

There is hardly one bollywood movie on Subhash Chandra Bose, One on Sarder or two recent movies on Surya sen; (all of them are of low budget) none on Jatin Mukherjee (bagha jatin) or Rasbihari Bose or Chandra sekhar Azad......though their life was no less exiciting.....Bhagat Singh is comparatively lucky I think..

I wonder how our film makers miss a character like Rasabihari Bose.... his life has all the material to make a hall-of-fame movie...

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