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Jul 21, 2010
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The movie is set in the political heartland of Maharashtra---the sugarcane growing region of western Maharashtra . Many of the scenes occur among fields of sugarcane crops---the budding romance and lovemaking of the hero and heroine , political murder , and hiding of murderer among tall canes of sugar . The dialect spoken in the movie is rural Marathi which is the forte of Rinku Rajguru , the lead actress of 'Sairat' movie fame .

The small town of Virainagar is setting to political rivalry between two politicians---Abasaheb ( Suhas Palshikar ) and Bhayyasaheb ( Shantanu Gangane ) . Abasaheb represents the old political hierarchy who has manipulated the sugarcane factory that is economic mainstay of the town to his own benefit but to the detriment of the townsfolk's interests . Bhayyasaheb is tall and strapping and is the challenger to Abasaheb .

The advisor to Bhayyasaheb is Guruji ( Shashank Shende ) who dreams of bringing political revolution in the town . He has big dreams for his daughter named Rani ( Rinku Rajguru ) to become a leader of the masses . But his dreams are ground to dust by Rani , who falls in love with Guruji's right hand hot tempered strongman Yuvaraj ( Shubhankar Tawde ) and wants to settle down in holy matrimony with him .

But guruji is hell bent on making his daughter a political leader and not a housewife , and weaves a web of intrigue that sets Rani on a path of political popularity that she cannot shake off even if she wants to . He takes advantage of an ancient blood feud between Yuvaraj and Abasaheb to engineer bloody death in such a manner that Yuvaraj is out of the way and so is Bhayyasaheb , thus opening the way for his daughter Rani to have no choice but to become a rising political star as successor to Bhayyasaheb .

In the end Guruji achieves his aim....or does he ? For he has to contend with the passion of a woman in love---his daughter Rani who else . And she cannot dream of a future without Yuvaraj by her side , nor does she want to rest until Bhayyasaheb's murderers are brought to justice . And the whole saga leads to her rebirth ( Kaagar ) in more ways than one . Just how ? Watch the movie for that....

The first half is the love story of Yuvaraj and Rani in the backdrop of political conspiracies in small town Maharashtra . It is Shubhankar Tawde as Yuvaraj who dominates that part with his broad shoulders and strong arms giving him punching power against political rivals . The second half shows effortless blossoming of Rani from college going girl to a mature adult . And Rinku Rajguru has done justice to that role while Yuvaraj goes from confident young man to quivering youngster who gets caught in a web of deceit and assassination spun by Guruji .

The scenes of Yuvaraj and Rani being forced to flee gangs unleashed on them by Guruji remind one of the elopement scenes of 'Sairat' , and the ending scenes of the movie are even more 'Sairat' like . Acting by everyone is appropriate for their roles and background music and songs are okay . Photography is decent and colours are okay too . The movie does succeed in creating the flavour of rural Maharashtra upto some extent .

Verdict---Very decent .

Three stars out of five .
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