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Jul 21, 2010
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Rhea Chakraborty plays Aisha Pradhan , a woman author whose heartbreak and subsequent pain has given greater depth to her creativity and made her a famous writer . But inside she still pines for her long lost love and cries burying her head in her father's chest .

One day she sets on a train journey from Mumbai to Delhi and is confronted by the sight of the wife and daughter of the man she loved and lost sitting in front of her on the opposite seat . And she begins to remember with grief and nostalgia the time she was married to Dev ( Varun Mitra ) .

As the movie moves into flashback mode , we see Aisha coming with her group of friends to Delhi in some past time for sightseeing and coming into contact with Dev who is their tour guide . He introduces her to jalebi , a sweetmeat for which Delhi is famous . Aisha is young and romantic and full of dreams of love . She falls for the charms of the unassuming Dev and takes the lead in proposing a relationship . She looks hot in clothes that expose her body , but I am not going to describe that in detail for I am in a emotional mood after seeing this movie .

Soon they get married and Aisha moves in Dev's house in old Delhi . But the marriage has been done by a couple high on hormones , and the reality of life is different . For after marriage the differences in their upbringing and lifestyle become apparent . Aisha has been brought up in a westernised manner and she openly drinks and smokes and goes to discotheques . And even though Dev is ready to adjust with this lifestyle , his conservative traditional mom isn't .

And above all the worldview of Aisha and Dev is different . Dev does not want to leave his old Delhi mansion where his family had come as refugees due to partition , while on the other hand Aisha dreams of living in a posh high rise . Dev does not have time for travelling outside the city , while Aisha dreams of travelling far and wide . Dev and his mom are happy when Aisha announces that she is pregnant , while Aisha wants to abort the child as she feels she is too young for the responsibility ( abortions are legally allowed in India under a remarkable clause called 'failure of contraception' in it's laws ) .

But as Aisha grows heavily pregnant , she becomes emotionally attached to the coming child whose name has already been decided by her and Dev as a combination of Dev and Aisha---Disha . But she suffers a miscarriage and blames it on the stress she had due Dev's mom constantly objecting to her westernised lifestyle . On the other hand Dev's mom raises hell and says that the miscarriage occurred due to dancing in discotheques even when pregnant .

Her mind roiled by this turmoil , Aisha decides to leave Delhi and return to Mumbai away from Dev . But Dev's sister plays peacemaker and brings Mom and Dev to Mumbai to bring the marriage back on track . It is decided that the couple will go for vacation to Kashmir and try to resolve their differences . But even though Aisha flies from Mumbai to Kashmir , she does not find Dev there .

And she never sees him again....until this day when he joins his wife and child by boarding the train on a later station . And Aisha has to hide her tears so that the wife does not come to know....

As Aisha tries to have a normal conversation with Dev's beautiful wife Anu ( Digangana Suryavanshi ) , she learns that the name of their daughter is Disha !! Then why did Dev leave her all these years ago , when he obviously still idolised his exwife and named his daughter as she would have wanted it ??!!

By the end of the journey , Aisha has all the answers from Dev with permission from his wife . He left her because he realised that she had tremendous creative potential and was destined to make it big . But if she remained married to him , his conservative Indian household would hold her back . He wanted to see her flying high , and was ready to sacrifice his love for that . He reads her novels and is proud that she is so famous .

And at the end of the journey , Aisha leaves a satisfied woman . For Dev has never stopped loving her ever . Just like she never stopped loving him . Fittingly , her next novel is named after the sweetmeat that Dev introduced her to in Delhi . It is named 'Jalebi---the everlasting taste of love'....

And at the end of the movie , I was satisfied too . For it has wonderful songs that are truly hummable and has good background music . Colours are good and so is the photography . Acting by everyone is most appropriate . The movie is worth watching for a sentimental experience .

Verdict---Good .

Four stars out of five .

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