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Jul 21, 2010
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' Kutch nahi dekha to kuchh nahi dekha ' says the advertisement for Kutch tourism . But if you see this movie you might say ' Kutch mey kuchh nahi dekha ' especially from the tourism point of view. Because the movie shows Kutch as a godforsaken barren land without water where villagers are dying due to thirst . Why would a tourist in his right mind venture there....??

The ones who shown venturing there in the film are the photographers from magazines like National Geographic . And they are the ones who bring jobs for only a brief period to the otherwise empty life of the villagers .

And when a foreign female photographer walks in short clothes , the sex starved villagers openly stare lustfully at her dreaming of forcing sex on her and imagining her to be a porn star .

After seeing all this , do I even have to tell you that the film has been made for the western audiences . For it fulfills all the western stereotypes about India . Poverty struck Indians dying due to lack of water , sex mad Indians having rapist thoughts about skimpily clan western women , and the only ones capable of going them jobs albeit for a brief period are the white people who have presumably descended from heaven....all the cliches are there....

Haven't we seen all this in ' City of joy ' ?? The film showing white christian nuns are the only hope and saviors of the poor people of the black hole of poverty that is Calcutta ??

Except that the foreigners in this film are not good samaritans themselves and pack their bags and leave once their job of photography is over leaving the villagers high and dry . And then the Indians go back to doing what they do best---fighting and killing each other over old and new enemities , raping women and dying due to thirst . So good for nothing , these Indians....

Of course , before leaving the foreigners have found a man for making it to the front page of their magazine . He is the man who has the miraculous powers to find out water in the salt desert---Bakka , played by Purab Kohli . He is able to find water for the flamingos whom the foreign photographers had come to film . And the lives of the flamingos are more important than the lives of those third rate human beings called Indians , for the Indian govt loans the foreigners it's water digging machine for a sum of money , something that it is loathe to do for it's citizens....

Too bad that the life of Bakka is not important too , for he is killed before he gets to see his photograph in the magazine . Killed in the midst of his attempts to get water for his village and because of his marriage to the daughter of the chieftain of the enemy village .

Ahh.....the daughter ( named Kesar ) of the chieftain of the enemy village played by actress Kirti Kulhari---she is worth a watch , especially because she exposes her lovely delicate flesh for all to see in a couple of sensuous scenes of bathing and lovemaking .

But other than her , there is little else to watch in the movie---the photography is only so so . Her rival played by actress Tannisha Chatterjee who also loves Bakka is not goodlooking , though she acts well .

So what is so good about Bakka that two women love him ?? What he is good at is convincing people that he can trace water by divine power , and in a sunbaked parched land water is as precious as gold....

And gold is what the villagers give to Bakka in order to get the foreigners' water digging machine which he gets by fraud , and it is the fraud that gets him in trouble with the villagers and the law for it costs him his friend's life and eventually his own.....

The villains play their roles well---both Mukul Dev and Yashpal Sharma are good at acting . But that does not save the film . It pretends to be a great art movie but does not work .

Both Amitabh Bacchan who is brand ambassador of Gujarat tourism and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi who had kicked off Kutch tourism festival in december would be appalled at the image of Kutch the film gives . But the armchair critics are giving good reviews of the film , so who cares for Amitabh and Narendra Modi.....

Verdict---Okay .

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