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Jul 21, 2010
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This film is a sequel to 'The shining' movie , which was based on Stephen King's novel .

Dan ( Ewan Mc Gregor ) has had a traumatic childhood and arrives at New Hampshire to escape from it and the alcoholism stemming from it . He has a special psychic power called the 'shine' and a local doctor realises this and makes him an orderly in his hospital . He is able to ease the death of people who are going to die , their impending death being conveyed to him by a cat going and sitting on their bed . A patient calls him Dr sleep because of his ability to make dying people look upon their death as some kind of sleep .

He is however contacted by a young girl called Abra ( Kyliegh Curran ) who has a more luminous shine , and this attracts the attention of psychic vampires who feed off this kind of shine , and more importantly are starving for it . They are led by a beautiful vampire called Rose the Hat ( Rebecca Ferguson ) . They have already killed a young boy with this shine to feed off his shine and also intend to inhale the shine of Abra .

So Dan and Abra combine to kill the vampires one by one , and the final showdown with Rose occurs in the same place that holds many traumatic memories for Dan . Only one of the three people involved will survive the showdown .

The movie takes us in the world of people with semi magical powers and makes it believable for us . The movie is two and a half hours long and it does manage to hold our interest for a considerable time . Towards the end it begins to feel over stretched and too long , until a final twist manages to get our attention back .

There is considerable fighting in the movie plus some chills of horror and my opinion oscillated between calling it thriller or horror . Photography is first class and so are the colours and acting . Background music is good and it stops and you can hear only beats when something is going to happen . Only thing is that the movie drags too long .

Verdict---Decent .

Three stars out of five .

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