Aryan Invasion Theory. Do you approve?

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Dec 31, 2013
Do you approve of the Aryan Invasion Theory? Im curious how Indians feel about it? Also how is the subject treated in India, do Indians learn in School about Aryan Invasion, do many Indians support it and for what reason etc.?

I think the Aryan Invasion Theory is white supremacist and anti-indian, i think it is humiliation of indian people and degradation of their pride and dignity.

Here is how i see it

-The AIT postulates a ancient race of people who were white (and european type people) who conquered india because they were technologically and militarily superior and brought indo-european languages to india and imposed the caste system
+Usually it is claimed that the Aryans were white and racially superior to Dravidians (who were dark skinned people like modern day indians)
+Aryans brought culture to india and language and imposed the caste system. Usually far right whites would claim the inventions indians made was because of aryan/european input in genetics and culture and that dravidians are primitive and aryans were superior (see also they invented the caste system)
+Usually that means dark skinned indians are devoided of their old civilisation, history, culture and that much things which shape indianness are european and not indian. that indians also not able to advance because they are dark skinned and had only civilisation when whites brought them etc. like many indian achievers or wise people are claimed to descendt from pure aryan nobility (see buddha was a white man with blue eyes, indo-aryan prince etc.)

I feel as if a indian patriot cant really support that and only anti-indians would support such a thing

tell me your opinions and how you feel about it
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