Ancient names for Indian weapon systems


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Jun 29, 2009
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Ancient names for Indian weapon systems IDRW.ORG

Naming of the India’s first nuclear submarine INS Arihant created a storm in the Jain community, since it was named after one of the important Jain Teerthankaras (Gods) while In Sanskrit Arihant means destroyer of enemies, while in Jainism Arihant means destroyer of greed, lust and anger, but protest by Jain community did not force government of India to drop th name for the submarine .while many of the weapons system in India has been named after mythological characters or ancient words picked from Sanskrit .Indian Missile have been named after elements in the nature . Prithvi missile systems mean “Earth”, Agni (fire) and Akash (sky). While Trishul missile has been named after the Trishul [trident] wielded by the Hindu God Siva, Nag is India’s third generation “Fire-and-forget” anti-tank missile in Sanskrit it means Snake “and Dhanush means Bow Arjun MBT (Main Battle Tank) has been named after Mythological character Arjun from the Sacred book of Mahabharata, Tejas a lightweight multirole jet fighter being developed by India means radiant. Many of the military weapon systems in pipeline has been named after Sanskrit words like Shaurya missile which in Sanskrit means Valour, Nirbhay a new subsonic cruise missile which means fearless , Astra BVR (Beyond Visual Range Missile) means Weapon .

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