Ammunition and other War stores in India

Hari Sud

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Mar 31, 2012
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We discuss a lot about guns, fighter planes, UAVs and warships etc. in these columns. We never talk about the ammunition needed to sustain the hardware during the war. It is the ammunition which will ensure ultimate victory. The current war in Ukraine is running short of ammunition, missiles and UAV bombs, etc. Both powers, Russia and NATO (USA) are sourcing them from elsewhere like Iran and Pakistan. A real example of 1971 war exists in which Pakistan was running short of Ammunition and Petroleum, oil & Lubricants, which ended the war quickly. The same thing was about to happen as India, assaulted the Kargil heights with artillery and was close to run short of artillery shells. These issues are real and need greater attention.

In India, the declared policy is 40 days of war stores, but in fact, the real inventory never exceeds 20 days. In that too, the stock of imported ammunition is always running low.

Hence ammunition should be discussed as an independent subject. I invite further discussion on the subject.

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