American tourists in Iranian custody, official says


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Mar 21, 2009
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American tourists in Iranian custody, official says

From Arwa Damon
(CNN) — Three American tourists are reported in Iranian custody after they may have strayed across the border from Iraq during a mountain hike, Kurdish officials told CNN Friday.
The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad said it was checking into the reports but could not confirm them.
A senior Kurdish official told CNN that four U.S. tourists had entered Kurdistan in northern Iraq from Turkey, staying in Sulaimaniya for about two nights. Three of the tourists traveled on to a tourist area near the Iranian border called Ahmed Awa, where they intended to go backpacking.
A Kurdish security official said that the group was in contact with the fourth American, who stayed behind until Friday afternoon, when they told their friend they were lost and surrounded by military personnel speaking Farsi.
Kurdish authorities have received information that the three were picked up by the Iranians and are now in Iran, the senior official said.

American tourists in Iranian custody, official says – The CNN Wire - Blogs

what a shit these American tourists always goto war torn or conflict areas.
i dont understand, what the hell makes them such crazy guys?

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