'America will be nuked by 2013'


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May 10, 2010
Terrorists will set off an atom bomb in the US within the next three years, retired nuclear scientist Robert Beeman has predicted in his just-released novel, No More Time For Sorrow. Beeman maintains that the sacking of the commander of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, will only help the terrorists.

"America's enemies in Afghanistan will take renewed encouragement from General McChrystal's firing," the 65-year-old debutant author says. "They will interpret President Barack Obama's action as ideology trumping defence," he adds. Ironically, Beeman spent much of his working life as a scientist at the Three Mile Island civilian nuclear facility, which made international headlines on March 28, 1978, when one of its reactors had a meltdown. It was the most serious accident to have taken place ever in an American nuclear facility.

Beeman, who sounds hawkish in the positions he takes on issues, says General McChrystal had been called back to the "woodshed" in Washington because he spoke out against administrative policies.

"Instead of making an example of him, Obama should applaud his passion. Terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan are planning the next major assault on the US. McChrystal knows this," the author says in an email interview.

General McChrystal, who lost his job because of the derogatory comments he made on President Obama in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, has been replaced by General David Petraeus, the commander who turned around the Iraq war for America.

Beeman may be bang on target about the Taliban celebrating the general's sacking. In a media interview from an undisclosed location, senior Afghan Taliban commander Sirajuddin Haqqani has said the development showed America was frustrated and divided over the Afghan war.

"After the American invasion, my father said Afghanistan would become another Vietnam for the US which is now gradually proving to be true," Haqqani said in the interview to The Daily Beast.

In No More Time For Sorrow - which has just hit the American market - Beeman talks about why today's liberal and progressive approach to terrorism is making America less safe and how an atomic bomb can be built, transported, deployed and triggered by non-technical personnel.

The atom bomb will be a weapon of choice for three reasons, the author says. Efficiency is one of them. "Killing by means of individual explosive suicide belts tends to use up a lot of recruits," he says.

Then, fundamentalist groups have to justify their existence to their fund-providers by lining up an impressive number of corpses. An atom bomb would give them the most value for money. Above all, it's the message an atom bomb would send out that would make the terrorists zero in on it.

The uranium for the bomb, Beeman believes, will "most likely come from Iran". America will also see more bombers like the failed Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad. "These individual lunatics are being encouraged by the current US administration's emphasis on individual criminal acts instead of a war on terror. They know the worst case is they'll be shut up in one of our comfortable prisons, and maybe even make parole eventually,” he says, adding: "Remember, the Obama administration has already released scores of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay who went right back into the fight against us." "Today, when his country is at war, he finds himself too old to fight and too slow to run away. This book is all he can do, and he hopes his reader will find it in himself to do more," says his website. This is one book Obama may want on his bookshelf.

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Oct 2, 2009
The uranium for the bomb, Beeman believes, will "most likely come from Iran".
Propaganda news.USA is just looking for reason to attack iran.Like the finances and planning of 9/11 was done by ISI and executed by saudi hijackers,this time also if ever nuke attack occurs on usa the nuclear know how and uranium will definitely come from Pakistan.Like usa cleverly used 9/11 incident to attack and obliterate iraq it will use nuke attack to attack iran.There is no secret that all the success/failed attack on usa mainland were done by its most closed allies pakistan/saudis.Tragedy is that USA uses the lives of its own citizens killed in terror attacks to advance its foreign policies and interests.


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Mar 24, 2009
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Cant we see this has been posted in members corner and supposed to be taken as a joke.


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Apr 7, 2010
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I seriously think CIA henchmen-the notorious pakistani ISI and its mercenary army, would definitely conduct some kind of terrorist operation (can't be an all out NUKE attack, BUT a failed nuke attempt for sure) on US soil, which will prompt Boobama (US president) to go after IRAN!

I am sure IRAN is aware of Anti-Iran stance of pakistanis; they very well know pakistan being a wrench and a hired gun for US to do the dirty-jobs all over the world; its evident Iranians are contemplating all their options in a near certain war in the future against the combine of US, pakistan, Saudi Arabia and allies, Iranians are no fools, they very well know its coming. Islamic Republic of pakistan with 20-25% Shia population is dinging its last grave for itself, after one in Balochistan, another in Pashtunistan, one in the process in Balwaristan, one already in Kashmir; with half of its corpse already buried in East Pakistan!

The Grave which Shias' of pakistan will dig for this nation of bhikharis (of dollars) and mercenaries will end the tyranny of US sponsored Islamic jihad and extremism (with the demise of a shameless slave/mercenary state on dollar payroll known as pakistan).
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