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Dec 24, 2015
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I highly, highly, and once again, HIGHLY doubt about full ToT for hot section of gas turbine engines from any country. Look at the business impact:
1> Engines for domestic fighter jets. Why should a GE, P&W, Saturn, RR, or SAFRAN share the tech with us that will let us NOT buy their wares for lots of $$.
2> Spin off commercial jet engines to be used in passenger aircraft. And undercut all of the above in price.
3> Spin off commercial turboprop engines for the above. And military transports.
4> Spin off marine gas turbine engines.

They stand to lose billions of $$ in business. So I will take this with a grain of salt. And these companies struggled decades and failed many times before reaching here. So why should they give us such money making tech and create another peer?
It's always the hot core that is the problem. It was for exemple the case for the US-French CFM agreement. But we found a very fruitfull solution.

A solution may be to use the actual (or near future) indian level of technology, specially for single cristal blades, to create a full new engine. Because one of the main difficulty to developp an engine fighter is to fine tune all the differents parts. It is where Kavery failed. And Safran can help you on this field.

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Nov 30, 2020
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I already posted the pic 5 months back

A much better pic with the visible rear unlike the one above , the view is from below the aircraft.

View attachment 74187

Heard the news on TEDBF so came back for a moment.
So the study that was funded for vertical tail less aircraft is a separate project btw extensive research is being carried out on fluidic thrust vectoring I hope u got what I mean😊

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