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Mar 6, 2022
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Tejas Mk1a - We only replaced the squadrons of Bison (120). But we have used 1200 Mig 21 at peak time. Compared to that we ordered just for ordering the platform which is far more superior and much cheaper to operate due to advancements in technology.

Tejas Mk2 - Combined fleet of Jaguar, Mig 29 UPG, Mirage 2000I is 246 and it roughly translates to 14 squadrons (approx with 18 per squadrons). But in reality IAF is committed only 6 squadrons of MK2 thus we will have shortfall in this area. Tejas Mk2 can perform the roles of these 3 planes but somehow we have some sort of reluctance.

Same is going for IA which is sitting on Multiple artillery systems of DRDO, OFB and private companies but still the deal is not able to signed and ready to jump on ATHOS and every f**king artillery pieces that is foreign.

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