Agatha Christie breaks a Third World Record


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May 18, 2009
Ha, this isn't advertising (well, it is indirectly) but god I love Christie and esp. Miss Marple character. :blum3:

Agatha Christie has set a new world record – for the book with the thickest spine. Measuring over a foot long, with 4,032 pages, the volume contains the complete Miss Marple stories – all 12 novels and 20 short stories.

With 252, 16-page hand-sewn sections, the production values of this limited edition are amazing and the attention to detail is remarkable. Bound by Cedric & Chivers Period Bookbinding, cased in Winters Wintan leather, blocked in gold on the front and spine, with head and tail bands, four silk ribbon markers to keep your place, and with only 500 made, this special limited edition is for fans and collectors alike.

The volume contains a newly commissioned map of St Mary Mead by Nicolette Caven who based her map on Christie’s description of St Mary Mead from The Body in the Library. Nicolette also read through all the Miss Marple novels and short stories to search out extra details to add. Included is a beautiful introduction by Kate Mosse, best-selling author of Labyrinth and life-long Christie fan, which talks about how she first discovered Miss Marple as well as a preface by Mathew Prichard, Christie’s grandson, who writes:

“Over the years, everyone has told me it could never be done – to collect together all my grandmother’s stories about Miss Marple into a single volume. So whilst this book is, in publishing terms, a landmark event, it also symbolises the great affection the public, both in Britain and elsewhere, have for Miss Marple.”

With only 500 made this book offers you the opportunity to become part of a very exclusive Christie club. The volume comes complete with a suede-lined wooden box and copy of the Guinness World records certificate. To purchase one of the limited editions, retailing at £1000, please call:

Rest of us will have to settle for the seperate novels. :sad: :Laie_39:

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