Afghanistan unyielding on Pakistan border fencing


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Feb 12, 2014
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JAMRUD: Afghanistan refuses to budge from its stance on halting Pak-Afghan border fencing and border management activities, revealed an unfruitful visit of a local tribal jirga to Kabul.

The tribal jirga-with a sole intention of mending ties- had gone to Kabul and met with Afghan authorities and representatives from the government, but faced severe disappointment when their peace offer was turned down.

The Afghan authorities also denounced military operation in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata), revealed the tribal jirga’s members.

However, the tribal jirga’s effort was met with criticism upon their return as the political leadership and tribal elders of seven agencies of Fata strongly condemned them for going to Kabul on Afghan government’s request.

They deplored the Afghan authorities’ statements about border management and fencing of the Pak-Afghan border.

In this regard, a grand jirga was held at the Sports Complex on Sunday under the chairmanship of former MNA Noor-ul-Haq Qadri, which was attended by all elected and ex-political leadership and tribal elders of all the agencies.

Talking to media after the jirga, Qadri said Afghanistan’s soil was being used against Pakistan for last many decades. They have sheltered anti-Pakistan forces on their soil and imposed proxy war on Fata, he added.

This jirga is the elected and selected one of the seven agencies of Fata and those people who went to Afghanistan and negotiated with the Afghan authorities do not represent us, he said, adding that they are representing themselves and promoting their paid heinous agenda.

He urged the Afghan president to use his office against those forces that use his country against Pakistan. He recommended dismantling Indian consulates on Afghanistan soil.

“Being our brotherly Islamic country, Afghan president should use his office to prevent anti-Islamabad policies and close the 56 Indian consulates in his country,” Qadri said.

The grand jirga was attended by former federal minister Malik Waris Khan Afridi, Malik Marjan Wazir from North Waziristan, Dr Irfan Barkki from South Waziristan and some elders from Bajaur, Orakzai and Mohmand agencies.

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