A tale of company commander of 3 Rashtriya Rifles and PARA SF, Tral

A tale of company commander of 3 Rashtriya Rifles and PARA SF, Tral. Who is Best?

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Sabru Foxtrot

Sabru Foxtrot
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Dec 31, 2015
You run around in open (strictly against the norms) to control your team, concentrate them and unleash the volley of fire onto possible target, If god forsaken, you have a casualty at your end, all hell breaks and all left in your mind is to evacuate him to safety.

Your mind takes multiple decisions in nano seconds. And believe me, you have to be sure about it, as on your decisions rests the line between life and death of a man under your command. I had always operated with few key ground rules and had never violated them whatever pressure i would have been in or was subjected to by peers and Seniors:-

1. Milaap (contact with ur team)
2. No unnecessary risk
3. Be a tiger from your heart. No fucking terrorist can match the skills of a trained soldier, i believed in it and told my men the same thing.
5. Apply everything - Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed., Ultimate aim should b achieved.
6. Take care of your buddy, the 2 of them should look after each others back. Live together, Die together.
7. Think like a terrorist and be one step ahead.

On the evening of XX, Month, 20XX, the day was progressing in a routine, just like the others when at 1600 hrs i got a call from the then DSP Awantipura (a very dear friend and one of the most brightest of officers of J&K police dept) that there is an info regarding presence of 2-3 terrorists in house of Ghulam Khan. He had only this info and told me whether i am interested in launching an joint ops. I told him that i'll confirm within 10 mins. I immediately called up my QRT, and we decided to launch the Op as we could identify the house and its location I called back DSP Awantipura, giving a go ahead for the Op and he told me that he is sending two teams of his SOG to me and i may plan and launch the Op.

Sleeping in the next room to mine was a Captain of X Para (Unit not disclosed) whom i woke up and told that there is an input and we are launching, he asked how many men should he take along, i told him i want to keep it a small team Op, so i am going along with X men of mine and he can take X-4 of his men.

As it was broad day light and the house was on the main road of the village at a central point, maintaining surprise was the biggest problem, because all a terrorist requires is 10-15 second window to escape the cordon. An idea came to my mind, since the house was on main road, the road which we use to regularly take for move, i thought launching in vehicles will be best for maintaining surprise, we will go full throttle, dismount and sprint and cordon the target house to close the window of that 10-15 seconds.

I briefed the entire team including SOG and we moved out. Everything went as planned, with only exception that when we jumped out of the vehicles. X Para Captain and his team dismounted first (they were to dismount last) and my team second. So i told Para officer to sprint and cover the back side as i will deploy the rest (he being a brother officer i had full faith he'll not require any supervision).

While i was deploying the cordon, volley of bullets started flying. told my team to get to the cover and i was cocking my weapon running, as i took cover of the near by tree, i got a message on my radio set from the Para Capt that he and his buddy had got gunshot wound, they have killed two terrorists, and now need evacuation. Firing still in progress i went out of cover and started running towards the spot indicating my MPV to start and come on main road, i called my adjutant and told him to call for a helicopter for evacuation.

I brought the officer and his buddy both to the MPV and evacuated them to my company and in few minutes the helicopters arrived. Mean while the third terrorist was also eliminated and we had cleared the area. I was given a green signal to close the Op as we were in Tral and had killed one the most dreaded HM commander (a local) so law and order issue was prominent (read it as massive stone pelting ).

We closed and moved out. Three terrorists of HM were killed namely Asif Ahmed Mir (HM south Kashmir Commander) Adil Ahmed Bhat (Tral District Cdr - who was the South Kashmir Commander of HM before Burhan and his godfather and cousin. Locals use to call him 'jinn' (ghost) as they said he vanishes in air during a cordon).

Op was launched at 1645 hrs and closed at 1730 hrs... (one of the shortest and sweetest in recent past). The Para officer and his buddy reached Srinagar in time and were treated well and were released from the hospital within 10 days and got KC ,SM for their gallant actions.

Ladies and gentlemen thats IndianArmy for You.

Dridhta aur virta- Rasthriya Rifles & Balidaan. Jai Hind.. Jai Hind ki Sena...

- Credit to the above story goes to a soldier of 3 RR.

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