A seperate subforum for J&K


Oct 8, 2009
Im not sure if this has been asked before

I noticed that we have just one sticky that discusses J&K news. But this thread is crowded with just articles ranging from human rights issues, militant attacks, economic developments there to discussion on Kashmir resolutions with hardly any continuity all in a single thread.

I suggest that there be a sub forum in the Indian Sub-Continent Section to discuss each of this topic in separate threads. Kashmir is supposed to be the only reason standing between good India-Pakistan relations by many western countries and Pakistanis as well. I think we have nothing to hide and rather than issuing the standard one liner Kashmir is an integral part of India, we should discuss and clear away propaganda and prejudice on what people of J&K want and the ground realities there. We can also provide a concise place to counter claims of false Jihad, UN resolutions and bilateral treaties in a more appropriate way

Just my 2 cents

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