9th battalion (Tranvancore) Madras regiment


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Apr 20, 2009
9th battalion (Tranvancore) Madras regiment

Organized by Lt General D luscany after the battle of colachel in which the Travancorian Forces lead by H.H. Marthanda Varma Defeated the Dutch in the battle D luscany was taken as a POW (Prisoner of War ) but bargained for his life the Deal was that In return for his life he would organize Travancorian forces on European lines
H.H the maharaja appointed the Lt General as the C-in-C of all Travancorian Forces D Luscany set about full filling his Promise and took part in many campaigns to subdue and conquer Local Chieftains and Tranvancore’s major enemy the zamorins of Malabar and the Kingdom of cochin by the end of D luscanys C-in-C ship the Travancorian army was a well oiled military machine after the signing of the Subsidiary alliance and the Entrance of the Honr’able East India Company Travancorian Forces fought along side the British in the battle Of assey and the 1st,2nd and 3rd Mysore wars but the days of the Travancorian army as a True army came to an end with the Rebellion of the Travancorian dewan Vaillu tampi Dalawa
After this rebellion the Units of the Travancorian army such as the Carnatic Brigade were disbanded and only the 1st and 3rd Travancorian regiments remained these were subsequently reorganized as the Tranvancore Brigade also known as the Nair brigade
(Ps not to be confused with the Cochin state forces who also carried the same name)
With a GHQ at Trivandrum (Currently GHQ KSP (Kerala State Police))
At the turn of the 19th Century Tranvancore Joined The ISFS (Indian State Forces Scheme) as the 1st and 2nd Tranvancore Infantry respectively this part of IEF to the 1st world war and was commanded by Travancorian Officers the Tranvancorians subsequently fought Alongside Royal Indian Army soldiers in the second world war with Indian Independence In 1947 and the subsequent Integration of the ISF’s In to the Indian Army The Travancorian state forces were Integrated as the 9th Battalion Madras Regiment on 1st of November 1960 the 9th Battalion were presented new colors by the President of India after Laying their old colors to rest in the Cheetwood Hall at the Indian Military Academy Dhera dun the 9th Madras distinguished Itself in the 1956,62,71 wars and subsequent Counter-Insurgency operations in the NEFA (North East Frontier Agency) and Jammu and Kashmir regions wining 3 battle honors and 4 Theater Honors For the Madras regiment in the 1980’s the 9th was deployed as part of the IPKF in Sri Lanka. Sinces then the 9th has taken part in many Operations from Operation brass tacks to Operation Vijay and Operation Parakram in2007 the Battalion Celebrated its 300th birthday and 300 years of unbroken existence in service of the nation making it one of the oldest units in the Indian Army

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